After Died, Who Substituted Seiyuu Bulma?


 substitute seiyuu bulma "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Hiromi Tsuru, the voice of Bulma passed away a week ago Then who will be the successor <em> seiyuu </em> Bulma? </h4>
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Not long ago we hear the sad news from the world of voice aka seiyuu in Japanese. One of the famous voice actors who have filled the voices of various characters in the Japanese animation world passed away last week. He is Hiromi Tsuru who is a seiyuu Bulma, one of the iconic characters of the Dragon Ball Super series .

After the death of Hiromi Tsuru, surely many are beginning to guess who is roughly a substitute seiyuu Bulma later because the character of Bulma should still be raised again in the Dragon Ball Super series. Even Toei Animation itself seems to have not found the answer to that question.

Currently the animated series are undergoing Universe Survival Saga with Goku having just defeated Kefla using Ultra Instinct, his latest ability. The character of Bulma himself is left on earth and awaiting the return of Vegeta and his friends, hoping for the salvation of the whole universe of the seventh universe.

Looking at this, we may assume that the Bulma characters will not appear any time soon. Toei Animation can still postpone substitution search seiyuu Bulma for a moment, at least until the end of Universe Survival Saga .

But what if they return later?

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<p> On twitter circulated news photos in newspapers related to substitute <em> seiyuu </em> Bulma by Toei Animation. Twitter user named Ken Xyro kindly translated the contents of the newspaper and share it on the twitter account in question. </p>
<p> According to news in the paper, although Bulma does not appear in the final episodes, it is possible that the sound recording of Hiromi Tsuru will be used as a substitute for <em> seiyuu </em> Bulma in the upcoming episode. Currently, according to Ken Xyro, the issue is still being discussed by [DragonBallSuper<em> </em>. </p>
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As a true fan of Dragon Ball Super it would be hard to imagine if Bulma's voice should turn into the voice of any later who substitutes seiyuu Bulma. Especially when considering Hiromi Tsuru who has been filling Bulma for a long time.

If you look at this condition, Toei Animation should indeed find a substitute seiyuu Bulma as soon as possible either by auditioning or attracting talents from their own agency. Whatever option Toei Animation runs, we can only wait for who will inherit the throne of Hiromi Tsuru later.

Are you ready to hear a different sound out of Bulma's mouth? Who do you think is suitable to be seiyuu Bulma, replacing Hiromi Tsuru? Answer in the comment field, yes!


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