Actually Who's the Original Luffy's Companion of All His Naked?

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Luffy has close friends, and they we call Nakama. Nakama Luffy is them, all members of the Straw Hat Pirates who come along with Luffy to wade through the ocean. But who is Luffy's true friend?

When discussing Luffy's friend, it seems to be a little difficult. Unlike Naruto who has a close friend and the most visibly helpful, namely Shikamaru, Luffy seems to be familiar with all his Nakama on the Thousand Sunny ship.

Nevertheless, surely there is dong Nakama Luffy whose level is like Luffy's best friend whose friend is himself who respects us, but always there, and always reminds us to do wrong.

Approximately from all Nakama, who ya that fall in the category of Luffy's best friend? Before determining, we list first, who are those who fall into the category, and start from

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<p> Why Roronoa Zoro aka Zoro the vice captain belongs in a category that could be Luffy's best friend? Of course you all also know that Zoro is the first Nakama that Luffy met. </p>
<p> Zoro himself has the respect and respect properties of Luffy and his decisions (as long as Luffy does not do weird). The person who is very loyal with Luffy is also Zoro. </p>
<p> Unique again, when all Nakama in the Straw Hat group seemed to forget Luffy's captain's position, Luffy's being careless, funny and lacking in dignity, Zoro is the one who always thinks Luffy is a captain, even though he is reckless. </p>
<p> For example when Usopp wants to get out and re-enter the Straw Hats, Luffy, Nami, and Chopper are happy to play, but Zoro is angry. </p>
<p> He feels that this group is beginning to disrespect the captain, and can be destroyed from within. Therefore, he is angry and wants Usopp to come to the captain and apologize, not vice versa. </p>
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Chopper has unique conditions in the Straw Hats group. He is a doctor, but of course he is a deer that eats the fruit of Hito Hito no Mi and becomes like a human being.

Luffy and Chopper also have a unique affinity. Sometimes they are like "fun" friends (along with Usopp, sometimes Chopper can also be wise (though rare), or Chopper can be a pet.

Chopper who is basically a whiny is also not reluctant to cry for Luffy and is very worried about it if something bad happens.

The way Luffy relates to Chopper makes Chopper enter the category of Nakama Straw Hats that could potentially be Luffy's true companions.

Then, who else is Luffy's next friend candidate? Check out the next page!

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