Actually What Ya The Secret of the Ivorov Known Crocodile?

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When you first encounter Crocodile in Arabasta, it seems that OPLovers already know everything about the former Shichibukai. He is a Logia Devil Fruit eater. He is also ruthless, cold-hearted, and is one of the best strategists in [OnePiece. In addition, he is so obsessed with power and power, to want to get Pluton; one of the most dangerous weapons in the world One Piece .

Then when Luffy meets with Crocodile in Impel Down, Ivankov reveals that there is a Crocodile secret that he will leak if Crocodile miscreated.

This secret seems so vital that Crocodile really behaved well during the Battle of Marineford. He never betrayed Luffy at all. When he attacked allies he attacked was Whitebeard, not Luffy or Ivankov.


So what exactly is the secret of Crocodile? Let's look at the possibilities.

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<p> Since the secret of this Crocodile is known to Ivankov, of course the most powerful allegation of OPLovers is the former Shichibukai was once a woman. Maybe he fared just like Kuina, underestimated and considered not to be the strongest just because of his gender. Then, in the early days of his career, Crocodile came to Ivankov to become a man. </p>
<p> Then look closely at Ivankov's words: "If he's all kinds, I'll keep him myself. He is not a person who can be trusted, but … mmmmfufufu, I know his biggest weakness! "</p>
<p> Does this mean Ivankov could easily change the transformation he used to Crocodile, turn Crocodile back into a woman? </p>
<p> Oh, there is another interesting factor to this conjecture. </p>
<p> <img class=

This is Crocodile during Roger's execution. He is mysteriously highlighted from behind, so we can not see his face in his youth.

In the manga Oda deliberately does not show his face.

Even the head of Crocodile is shown in the manga even less because of the various panels with Moriah, Mihawk, Buggy, and Doflamingo. Suspicious once yes.

Well, one more thing: Oda once drew a Shichibukai appearance as a kid. See Crocodile's appearance.

He was drawn quite uniquely. With this appearance, he can be imagined as a boy and a tomboy girl.

So, when he was a kid (when he did not seem to be puberty), his appearance was ambiguous. Then when he grew up, where we feel it is impossible to guess someone is male or female, Oda deliberately covering his face. Hmmmm.

Two other possibilities about Crocodile secrets can you check on the second page!

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