Actually They're Going Anyway Yes?

Given the series Boruto is indeed more often the highlight of the new-generation shinobi, no wonder that many of the old figures of the Naruto series were marginalized. Especially if they are not teachers (like Shino and Anko) or parents of students.

However, given their greatness in the previous series, it is not surprising that many Navers are looking forward to opportunities for the Naruto rarely seen in Boruto to show off.

Who are they? Let's see!

1. Might Guy

Taijutsu scholars who can use this Eight Gate move include the Naruto rarely seen in the Boruto series . Indeed, Rock Lee was actually just sticking a bit. But at least that Metal dad had an important role in training Denki Kaminarimon, then got cameo with Kiba Inuzuka in episode 42.


In the anime version, Guy has so far only seen in Naruto's coronation flashback into the Seventh Hokage. At that time Guy still had to use a wheelchair, because his body is still suffering the effects of using the Eight Gate against Madara.

If from movie Guy seems to be more highlighted in the Chūnin Exam flow later.

2. Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba is not a member of Naruto's main staff. He is neither parent nor teacher. Therefore, this one man also included the character Naruto rarely seen in the Boruto series.

What is known about Kiba so far is that he gained popularity because of his ability to raise dogs. Then in Boruto episode 42, it was revealed that he worked for the Konoha Military Police, and was assigned with Rock Lee to overcome bank robbery.

Under the watchful eye of veteran ninja like Kiba and Rock Lee, it's no wonder a genin like Boruto finds it hard to find exciting work.

3. Tenten

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<p> This collector of ninja equipment also included Naruto <em> </em> who rarely appeared in Borhor <em> </em>. The cause is more or less like Kiba. He – apparently – is not a student parent, not Naruto's main staff, nor a teacher. Opportunity to highlight it a bit. Finally, the silhouette is visible when Ashimaru discusses the potential danger of Konoha ninja in episode 40. Previously, as a member of Team Guy, he also briefly spotted Guy in episode 24, as you can see in Guy's drawings. </p>
<p> If from the <em> movie </em> version, Tenten should just appear later in the Chūnin Exam Channel. </p>
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Who are three more figures Naruto which rarely appears in Boruto ? Check out his discussion on the second page!

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