Actually, Seto Mulyadi That's Seto Kaiba Setia?


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<h4 style= Kak Seto Mulyadi has a lot of resemblance to Kak Seto Kaiba, you know! Hopefully my head is not disleding for making this article.

Seto Mulyadi's name feels, if felt, lately popular again due to the emergence of fake accounts that use the photo. Such fake accounts usually issue hilarious statements (but on the one hand are also rude, vulgar, and only fit for consumption by adult minds).

Starting from Kids of the Now Age (which was corrected by Kemendikbud Indonesia because of its incorrect writing) until I Sleding His Head One-One are some singles sentences created by Seto Mulyadi's fake account. All that is now popular among the virtual world community.

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<figcaption class= Credits for anyone who has created this image really useful! | [Update] Billy Nasution for his image

In contrast to his cloned account distorted the head of the people-notably the generation of micin-Seto Mulyadi, or commonly referred to as kak Seto, was known as a good person and courteous Yes, like a Samehada sword that has many uses (especially to watch anime illegally), kak Seto Mulyadi also has a lot of goodness because it has been instrumental in protecting the rights of Indonesian children.

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The Relationship Between Seto and Seto

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<p style= Speaking of kak Seto, I was reminded of Seto's brother another one: Seto Kaiba One of the most popular characters in the animanga series YuGiOh is evidently inspired from the real world, the author of YuGiOh Kazuki Tahahashi, claimed to have met someone who inspired himself to create the character of Seto Kaiba.

This also makes me wonder: has Kazuki Takahashi ever met Seto Mulyadi? Is Seto Kaiba inspired by Seto Mulyadi? Actually, what is this connection between Seto and Seto?

After hours of searching for information ngalor-ngidul it turns out I got quite a surprising discovery: [Seto Mulyadi]

Yes, like me with Touka Kirishima or with Jeannu, Seto Kaiba has nothing to do with Seto Mulyadi. It turns out just the name just the same coincidence.

Eits, do not get emotional-let alone get Ultra Instinct out-because behind my failed attempt to establish a relationship with Chelsea Islan I found a connection between kak Seto and Seto Kaiba. It turns out there is a similar resemblance of Sakura's forehead between them.

Want to know? Want to know? Kebangetan want to know? Knows kebangetan? Continue to page 2!


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