Actually How Sih Ao Survived the Jubi Attack? This is the Discussion!


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<h4> Who reads manga <em> Boruto </em> probably knows that Ao survived the Jubi attack. But how come? If he survived, what is Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka as well? This is the discussion! </h4>
<p> Ao survived this Jubi attack is one of the exciting surprises of the manga <em> Boruto </em>. Previously, if you forget, this is what happened to Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Ao in <em> Naruto </em>. </p>
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As can be seen from the video above, Ao, Shikaku, and Inoichi are in one room. Even Ao who first knew that Bijudama had launched Jubi right into his position.

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When this happens, neither Ao, Shikaku, nor Inoichi do not panic. They all realize that none of them will escape the destruction. Shikaku then gave a final message to Shikamaru and … boom .

Later in the manga Boruto, Boruto meets again with Ao in the train.

Ao lost one arm and a leg, but he was still alive. Unlike Shikaku and Inoichi. but what happened? How can a person who already knows that he / she will be killed by Bijudama can survive while those who have one room with him have been confirmed dead?


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Certainly Ukyo Kodachi will give answers about how Ao survived. But while waiting, let's speculate first.


First Possibility: Ao is not Ao

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<p> Currently, Ao works with the criminal organization Kara. He also seems to have long not returned to Kirigakure, although Mizukage Chojuro and Mei Terumi should welcome him with open arms. </p>
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The author feels there is a possibility that this Ao is not Ao, but a person who simply takes the identity of a shinobi who is killed so as not to leave the body for examination.

One of the reasons for this suspicion was when asked by Boruto the Ao from where, there was a pause before he gave an answer. From his expression it is also like hiding something.

But this theory also seems to have been broken in Boruto 19. There Konohamaru says that Ao has retired a long time, so the procession of his descent from the shinobi title is clearly already officially known.

It's just that, yes, if Ao is Ao, why did he just stay away from Kirigakure and join the criminal organization?

Another possibility why Ao survived you can read on the second page!


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