Acquaintance Yuk same 11 Member of Black Bull Squad in Black Clover Anime!


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<h4 style= If you first heard about the anime Black Clover in this article, you must really watch this anime. In this article, we will discuss about one squad named Black Bull in the anime Black Clover . Let's check who are its members!


Yami Sukehiro

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<p style= Yami Sukehiro is the captain of squad Black Bull in the anime Black Clover. At first glance, his appearance is very creepy because of his tall and sturdy body shape. He also has long black hair that is always left untidy.

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Yami is always seen wearing a white T-shirt adorned with a small Black Bull cloak on his shoulder. He also always carries his grimoire inserted into one of his belts.

Although he looks quiet, Yami is an impatient person and often selects the path of violence to solve a problem. For example when his squad members fight with each other, he chooses to punch the wall of their house until it is destroyed to stop the commotion.

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It also has the principle that all its members must carry out dangerous missions so they can become stronger. One of the things we can admire from Yami is that he never looked at the social status and weakness of his prospective members, instead he tried to help them.

Up to the latest episode of the animenya, the real power of Yami has never been presented openly. However, as one of the captains squad of course he is very strong. Even Asta can feel a very strong aura from Yami when she tests to become Magic Knight .



Asta is one of the main characters in this anime. He is an orphan abandoned in front of the village church of Hage along with Yuno. Since childhood, he was very familiar with Yuno and made him a rival because both had a dream to become Wizard King .

Unfortunately, Asta has absolutely no magical power inside her. How hard his effort to try, he can not use the science of magic at all. Even some capable magicians say they can not feel the slightest magic of this smallish character.

Nevertheless, Asta still does not give up his dream and practice physically as a substitute for witchcraft. Until one day he succeeds in obtaining his griomoire even though he has no magical powers and this makes everyone confused.

Aston's cheerful nature, hyper active and never giving up when the entrance exam Magic Knight succeeded in moving Yami's heart so he was accepted in squad Black Bull.


Noelle Silva

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<p style= Noelle Silva is the second daughter of the Silva Family, who is a noble family in the Clover Kingdom. Unfortunately, as a descendant of Noelle's noble family can not control his witchcraft so that he is considered a failure by his own family.

To prove to his family, Noelle attended the Magic Knights and finally accepted the squad Black Bull. His arrogant nature and tsundere made it difficult to praise others and to apologize for his mistakes.

Indeed Noelle also begins to have feelings for Asta that she constantly tries to get rid of.

In addition to these three men, there are still 8 members squad Black Bull in the anime Black Clover again. Check out the next page!


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