A Pro Hero of the Dead in Boku no Hero Academia 161. Who is He? This is the Discussion!


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<h4> The character who died in <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em> 161 this seems to be the first popular pro hero who died in the story. </h4>
<p> Oh, by the way this discussion is definitely a <em> spoiler </em>. Especially since the anime version of the series is still waiting for its newest season. If you're an anti-leak type, you're actually getting into the wrong article. </p>
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But maybe you already read it or just curious to not think spoiler . Then see the review below.


Boku no Hero Academia 161 opened by showing the condition of the heroes after the Overhaul conflict. Most of them are still alive, even though they must be treated first in the hospital.

The news is a little worse: Eri is still not able to get up and body high fever. Its strength also has no signs of being fully controlled by others.

The news is even worse: the wounds suffered by a pro hero are too severe. It's been quite miraculous he's been able to survive so far.

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The author's intent is Sir Nighteye, former sidekick All Might. Unique man who likes humor but has a cynical view of life.

Nighteye also commented on his nature in the final moments of his life. He says that he always wants to realize the future in which the All Might lives and is not killed. However, nothing has changed.

Should the future that Night Eye has seen can not change. But Deku just pointed out that Night Eye's vision could be totally wrong after he overcame Overhaul and survived successfully.

After all, it seems the Night Eye did not see the future where he actually fall ahead of the All Might. But that's what happened in this chapter.

The author had thought there would be a miracle and suddenly Nighteye can recover suddenly. But that does not happen in this chapter. After saying everything he wanted to say, also met Mirio who was his best pupil, the heart of Nighteye stopped.

Admittedly, after what happened at Boku no Hero Academia 160, the epilogue of the Overhaul groove is quite dark as well. How do you respond? Convey in the comment field!


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