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 Inuyashiki </em> Inuyashiki </em> comes with a character approach that is completely different from most other anime.Imagine, the protagonist is raised as a father figure- a middle-aged father with superhuman powers.Is the quality of the story as good as the <em> anti-mainstream concept </em> carried? </h4>
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Anime adapted from the manga by Hiroya Oku tells the story of a middle-aged man named Inuyashiki Ichiro. He was convicted of cancer and his life would last less than a year. In the midst of his despair, he suddenly gained new power as a cyborg with high-level technology.

With his new power, the protagonist decides to help many people and uphold justice. At the same time, a young man named Shishigami Hiro also got a similar ability. However, he actually uses it to kill everyone for the sake of pleasure only.

Inevitably, a battle between good and evil erupts among them. Can he stop Shishigami?

The Plot is Dominated by Antagonists

Although the title of the animation takes the name of the protagonist, the storyline is dominated by the antagonist. In a way, the story is more focused on the origin of a person can become evil. From how Shishigami can master his power easily until he disrupts the whole city by slaughtering all those who are considered to have offended his mother.

Ration of his own protagonist is practically even less. If we look at each episode, all the titles used are names of characters closer to the antagonist than the protagonists themselves. So to say, the plot itself uses an antagonist approach that ironically uses the name "hero (Hiro)".

Obviously, the author regretted why the character as good as Ichiro actually lost even in terms of rations appear. In fact, he also has many other sides that can be explored as a hero. Experience in controlling its strength precisely the material of the story is certainly better.

Excavation of his Character More Intense and Humane

What makes this anime different is how Inuyashiki is not always about a hero who will always be ready to fight against criminals. He also tells how the process of development both and the reasons that require them to do what they believe.

Here, we are confronted with two difficult choices: are we better to be heroes without a mark of honor or to be a villain who slaughtered rotten people? All that is done both the protagonist and the antagonist have their own foundations.

From this anime, we also know that the real people can be the real villains in this story. We will be amazed by the reason that the protagonist allows the yakuza to live in blind and paralyzed conditions as a form of punishment.

We can also tolerate the antagonistic reason of slaughtering all the warganet because of their behavior that made her beloved mother commit suicide. Therein lies the uniqueness, we not only sympathize with the protagonist, but also the antagonists.

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