9 Characters Ever Gone by Goku!


9 This character once confronted Goku, but never defeated! Who are the characters that Goku never defeated!

It has quite a lot of characters Dragon Ball that appears and is defeated by Goku. However, have you ever thought that there are characters that Goku never defeated? Who are the characters that Goku never defeated?

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Formerly you need to remember, this list is based on characters that once dealt with Goku at least once-in canon : Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super . So, for some characters who never fight with Goku like Android 16 or 18 do not count yes!

Without lingering longer, here are 9 characters that Goku never defeated!



 The power of Vegeta is stronger than Goku

Vegeta first appeared as an antagonist character. He came to Earth to earn everlasting life through the Dragon Ball and destroy the Earth. This one character proved very powerful-and even then it was much stronger than Goku when it first appeared.

Interestingly, although the powers of Vegeta and Goku follow each other over the story Dragon Ball takes place – or even arguably finally Goku is always stronger – but Goku never wins against Vegeta, you know!

When I first came to Earth, the defeat of Vegeta was practically Gohan (after Son Goku's son turned into Oozaru). Then the second, when his body is possessed by Babidy's magic, Vegeta wins against Goku-albeit cheating.

Until Dragon Ball Super himself, Goku and Vegeta probably never sparring once or twice, but Goku still has not defeated Vegeta in the practice session.


Android 19

The first Android against Goku since he returned from planet Namek. Android this one is mentioned by the creator, Dr. Gero, has the power to defeat Goku. Unfortunately, Dr. Gero does not take into account that Goku could turn into a Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan Goku also successfully beat Android 19.

Unfortunately, before Goku could really beat Android 19, Goku's heart struck a virus that had previously been warned by Trunks. Goku is in pain because the effects of the virus was defeated by Android 19.


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Fortunately, then Vegeta came in and was later shown to have mastered the Super Saiyan so as to beat Android 19.

Who else is a character that Goku never defeated? Continue to page 2!


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