9 Again Combined Jutsu in Naruto Anime that Has Super Powerful Power!


Not only Naruto, Madara, and Obito are strong. If the shinobi unite and combine their skills, their abilities are more than imagined. This is a great combined jutsu combo!

Beating something great and great certainly requires a greater effort too. One of them was obtained through cooperation. This joint jutsu and cooperation proved to be bothersome and defeated to his enemies. This is a combined jutsu that has great power in the manga anime Naruto .



Other names: Lightning Water Dragon Bullet

User: May Terumi and A

This jutsu comes from the cooperation of both kage, the Raikage and Mizukage. A and Mei work together by leveraging their elemental changes. The really weak water element in May against the lightning element A is converted into mutual benefit. Water can supply the lightning chakra issued A.

May will make a dragon-shaped water attack, then A flows through it with lightning. Of course the effect of this jutsu will double from merely an ordinary attack.


Otogakure Yoninshū: Kuchiyose: Shijū Hōi no Jin

Other names: Sound Four: Summoning Jutsu: Four Corner Beast Formation

User: Sound Four

Do you remember the Sound Four? The Sound Four is a four-ninja village sound that is Orochimaru's crew. They served to carry and escort Sasuke from Konoha to Orochimaru's hands. They were defeated at the expense of the one and only Konoha ninja who chased him.

Each of them has a unique power, Jirobo with extraordinary power, Sakon Ukon with defense and cooperation attacks, Kidomaru with precision archery, as well as Tayuya with his devil flute genjutsu.


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The Fourth Sound Four attack jutsu was developed after they were revived with Edo Tensei to take revenge on Shimakaru, Neji, Chōji, and Kiba who had killed them.

They attack together with their kuchiyose creatures, Jirobo's Golem, Kidomaru's giant spider, Doki belonging to Tayuya, and Sakon Ukon calling the gates to narrow the enemy's moves.

With this their simultaneous attack will be very troublesome to the enemy. Although in the end it can be broken with Shikamaru's ingenuity.


Futon: Magen: Gama Rinshō

Other names: Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant

User: Shima and Fukasaku

This is the only genjutsu that can be done by legend sanin Jiraiya, though actually not really done alone by Jiraiya. The essence of this jutsu is to force the target to listen to the frog singing which will then trap it in genjutsu or illusion.

Shima and Fukasaku must synchronize their voice first in preparation for this jutsu. The proof, this jutsu can kill 3 Pain body faced Jiraiya. It is said that after using this jutsu, throat Papa and Mama frog will be sick for some time.

Another joint jutsu can you check on the second page!


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