8 The Best Words in One Piece are So Memorable and Memorable!

In the world One Piece every word spoken by a character in a story usually will not simply disappear, and is always remembered by fans, even influential into the story.

Not only are good words or pearls, even the last words of the characters in One Piece alone can be something very large and influential.


Do you have the best words in One Piece which do you remember most? If there is, before beginning to read, write in the comment field first the best words on [OnePiece and find out if other readers agree. Well let's start with the best words in One Piece first, namely:

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<p> Luffy has some of the best words in <em> One Piece </em> which is most remembered, but the most unique one is: </p>
<p> "If being a hero is the same as sharing my meat with others, then I do not want to be a hero" – Monkey D. Luffy </p>
<p> Luffy does have a very simple and uncomplicated pattern of thinking, if he likes something, then he will say, whereas when he does not like something, he will certainly say it, as well as the words above. </p>
<p> While on the island of Fish Man, he expressed this. According to him, by becoming a hero, then the hero will share the meat or food with others, while he just wants to eat the meat alone. </p>
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