8 Laughter Style in One Piece Unique and Makes Audience Laugh!

The style of laughter in One Piece is indeed very unique and like having characteristic in every character. The usual laughs like "hahahaha" are very rarely seen, let alone laugh "wkwkwkwk" in the world One Piece obviously no. The uniqueness of their laughter is usually the same as the name of their Devil Fruit.

Well, of the many laughing styles in One Piece unique, there are eight that have been chosen by the Duniaku Network as a unique laugh style in One Piece which is very different and can make the the audience also laughed too!

Style laughs in One Piece anyone who is included in this list? Immediately see below!

Who's Luffy's usual laugh? When he is laughing freely, for example when laughing at Pica's voice, his laugh sounds familiar, that is "hahaha".

However, when he does not laugh afterwards, or rather when he just smiles and smiles, his laughing style is; "Shishishi".

Additionally, while Luffy is laughing loose, somehow there is a feeling that makes his audience want to join in laughing. If not believe you just try to watch Luffy laughing compilation on top of that.


The style of laughter in One Piece the next unique one comes still from the members of the Straw Hats, and this time it is Brook.

The oldest member of the Straw Hats also has a distinctive laugh style, even laughing it is characteristic of Brook, which is "yohohohoho".

Do you realize that the laughter is taken from three different points, and all three lead to Brook. First, laughing is the same as the classic ghost laugh in Japan; second, this laugh typifies the Devil Fruit that Brook eats (same as some laughs of other characters), ie Devil Fruit Yomi Yomi no Mi; third, the laughter is the same as the lyrics section of "Binks 'Sake' which is Brook's favorite song and the Rumbar pirate.

Try to watch Brook's laugh video above, and you speed up the video speed up to 2 times, it's entertaining enough.

What about the continued laughing style in One Piece other? Immediately you check into the second page, yes!

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