7 Ultra Instinct in Animanga Besides Dragon Ball Super!


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<h4 style= Since Ultra Instinct is not only exclusive in Dragon Ball Super ! Here, seven other titles of animation also have Ultra Instinct!

Dragon Ball Super recently introduced a new technique that is quite unique: Ultra Instinct. This technique makes Goku become stronger and his movements become faster because his body moves automatically without thinking. Uniquely, a technique that has not even fully mastered by Beerus and other gods of death is also in the real world, you know!

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Although Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super is cool, in fact this technique has often appeared in other animated series with different names and forms. What do you think? Here is an Ultra Instinct technique in an animanga series besides Dragon Ball Super .


Kuroko no Basket – Zone

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If you look at Ultra Instinct, for those of you who follow the Kuroko no Basket, series will immediately remind the Zone. Yes, this technique is similar to Ultra Instinct. In the series Kuroko no Basket, Zones can only be used by those who are really talented and also love basketball. This technique will output 100% of its user capabilities and-similar to Ultra Instinct-will move automatically regardless of unimportant information around it.

In Kuroko no Basket alone, there are quite a few players who can use Zones like Kagami Taiga and all members of Miracle Generations (except Midorima Shintarou). Especially for Kagami who is the only player not a member of Miracle Generations, his Zone can be used and in synergy with his team, you know!


One Piece – Kenbunshoku Haki

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Still remember how Ultra Instinct Goku avoids Dyspo and Toppo attacks without seeing? It is very similar to Kenbunshoku Haki in the One Piece series . By using this Haki, its users can sense the existence of the enemy without having to look and even in a very remote location.

In addition, Kenbunshoku Haki is also useful for predicting the movement or subsequent enemy attacks so that users can avoid attacks easily. Remarkably, if it is highly trained to master this type of Haki, users can even see the future-for example, like Charlotte Katakuri.

In the serial One Piece there are many characters who master Kenbunshoku Haki, ranging from Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Usop to Rayleigh and even Enel. In the New World itself, the character who occupies the position of the captain is definitely controlling this Haki.

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