7 The One Piece Fan Theory That Became Reality! Number 6 Make a Smile!

Ah, who here does not know the fan theory One Piece ? The theory of fans is something that always exists, because fans always want to guess what happens next, until it finally becomes a theory.

Of the many theories of the One Piece fan, about 50% did end up as a theory alone, or unproven, and some others actually happened!

Of these, here are 7 fan theories One Piece which actually happened to the choice of my World Network.

When Luffy experiences a period of grief after Ace's death, we see flashbacks when Luffy and Ace are small. Here it is not just Luffy and Ace, but there is one other person, Sabo, Luffy's other brother.

In the flashback, Luffy and Ace know that Sabo died when he wanted to wade through the ocean and his little ship was attacked by Celestial Dragon.

At that time, many fans did not believe in Sabo's death. According to the fans, it is impossible that Oda introduced the character as attractive as Sabo and only made to die alone.

Then the answer is correct, in the Dresrossa storyline, Sabo returns to meet with Luffy, and it turns out he lost his memory after the incident that made him supposedly dead, and joined the members of the Revolutionary forces.




Ace Not Luffy's Birthstor



Ace was first introduced in the Alabasta storyline. Here, Ace surprises the other Straw Hats members by his presence and confession which says that he is the elder brother of Luffy.

When Ace claims to be Luffy's older brother, the appearance may still be okay, because his hair is both black and also his cheerful and impressed stupid and greedy with food.

Even so, many fans are making the theory that Ace is not the elder brother of Luffy. The thing that made them think of this theory because of Ace's surname. Instead of Monkey, it's Portgas, even though it's D there.

Evidently, it turns out Ace is not Luffy's older brother, but his big brother met with Sabo.

What about the rest of the next five fan theories? Check the second page!

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