7 Strongest Characters in Kekkai Sensen, The Most Wanted Anime of the Season!




Kekkai Sensen season 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited anime in season Fall 2017. If you have not seen season first, please peek first review 7 strongest characters Kekkai Sensen !


Stephen A. Starphase

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<p> Steven is one of the top brass in Libra organization. The man who always uses this black suit has a force named <em> Esmeralda Blood Freeze </em> which can be used to lower his own blood temperature to freeze his target. </p>
<p> The power he possesses is spoken in Spanish in his animenya. His moves include: </p>
<li> <em> Espada del Cero Absoluto </em>: a kick that can freeze the target he wielded. </li>
<li> <em> Avion del Cero Absoluto </em>: Steven's powers can be used to freeze the place he stepped on. </li>
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<p class= Valsh Rozzo Valctovoel Girika

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<p> Girika manages to be the only female character to enter into the 7 strongest characters <em> Kekkai Sensen </em>. This purple-haired woman even managed to defeat K.K and Steven quickly in her first <em> season </em> </p>
<p> The ability possessed by Girika is the ability to regenerate rapidly, as well as the ability to manipulate <em> ghoul </em> (the power of evil spirits). Even in his manga, Girika is said to have the power to change his body shape and make weapons derived from his flesh and blood. </p>
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<p class= Zed O'Brien

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<p> Zed has a fish-like appearance, where he has yellow eyes and blue skin. Member of the organization Libra <em> </em> this one has the ability named <em> Big Dipper Blood Battle Style </em> which he can use to make the trident of his blood. </p>
<p> Other moves possessed by Zed include: </p>
<li> <em> Blade Form Five, Piercing Dragon Spear: </em> Zed uses this stance to make a trident of his blood and then throws it at his opponent in full force. </li>
<li> <em> Blade Form Two, Sky-Slicing Strands </em>: after Zed makes the trident, he throws it to the location he wants and then converts the trident into a net that binds his opponent. </li>
<li> <em> Heavenly Winged Bellows </em>: Zed makes a whirlwind of his blood which he uses to tear up his opponent. </li>
<li> <em> Wind Knitting </em>: Zed makes 3 whirlpools to capture his opponent. </li>
<p> 4 </p>
<p class= Zapp Renfro

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<p> Zapp Renfro is a member of the Libra organization who ruled the <em> Big Dipper Blood </em> with Zed O'Brien. Both are disciples of Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi. </p>
<p> This white-haired man has the following moves: </p>
<li> <em> Blade Form One, Homuramaru </em>: Zapp used his own blood to make a sword. </li>
<li> <em> Giant Serpent Halberd </em>: Zapp uses his sword to split his opponent while moving at a very high speed. </li>
<li> <em> Blade Form Two, Sky-Slicing Strands </em>: Zapp uses his blood to create a web that can slice his opponent. </li>
<li> <em> Seventh Hell </em>: The sword transforms into a net that can burn the target it captures. </li>
<li> <em> Shining Winding Binding </em>: Zapp uses S <em> ky-Slicing Strands </em> to create nets that can capture very large objects. </li>
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How do you think about the four strongest characters Kekkai Sensen above? There are still three more lho the most powerful character, yuk check the next page!





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