7 Samehada Uses Rarely Recognized by Fans!


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<h4> In the Naruto <em> series </em>Samehada has many uses in combat. However, do you realize that Samehada has uses other than to fight? </h4>
<p> From grinding to absorbing enemy chakras, Samehada has many uses in combat. One of the Swordsman's Swordsman 7 Swordsman has a pretty frightening reputation and is considered the most dangerous sword-even in Naruto's </em> own serial </p>
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Of all the uses he possessed and shown in either anime or manga Naruto did you know that Samehada has other uses beyond the battle? Here are 7 uses of Samehada that are rarely realized by fans!



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As I recall, Samehada is the only sword in the Naruto series that has its own consciousness like a living thing-in the case of Samehada, similar to a shark. Yes, the samehada can be said as a sword and also a living animal. This one's sword has both personality and character.

It's probably not quite fun because it's picky, but it would not hurt if you made Samehada a pet. It seems, this one pet will be more effective than guard dogs because of its greedy nature. Sharp shark scales on the surface of his skin also make people have to be careful if they want to approach Samehada.

Of course, you can use Samehada as a pet. But be careful with his sharp scales and prepare the Chakra in large quantities for his daily meals, yes!



In Naruto Samehada can join completely with Kisame. Of course, so far this technique is still exclusive only owned by Kisame. However, if you can not join this shark's sword, then you can enter into his mouth. Nothing is impossible, given Kisame himself once entered into the mouth of the sword to infiltrate Naruto's practice site.

Well, by entering into the mouth of this sword, you can explore under the sea without fear of being out of breath or drowning. I think, Samehada as a submarine is very useful for research purposes rather than underwater tourism ( hell this sword does not have glass to look out).

In the world Naruto (or more precisely Boruto ), his own technology has gone quite far inland. There is nothing wrong if there are characters who use this sword to explore the seafloor-because the sea is friend one of the areas in this series that is very rarely explored.

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