7 People Who Kissed Naruto before Hinata!

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<h4> Long before Naruto and Hinata got married, Naruto had already been kissed by these characters before, you know! Anyone who ever kissed Naruto before Hinata? </h4>
<p> <em> Naruto </em> has a lot of nicknames, whether it's ever mentioned in the manga, such as: Unpredictable Ninja, Hero of Konoha, etc .; or even never mentioned in a manga like "First Kiss Thief" for example. Well, talking about the first thief kiss ya, surely we realize dong if the first kiss Naruto not Hinata-which means there are others who had kissed Naruto before Hinata. Well, about anyone who kissed Naruto before Hinata? Here are 7 people who kissed Naruto before Hinata: </p>
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Sasuke – Naruto episode 3 (and episode 194)

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<p> Sasuke's first sequence-for fans <em> Naruto </em> who follows his manga or anime, must know about this one. Of course, this kiss is not a deliberate one-but still counted as a kiss. Ironically, this accidental kiss happened twice (or perhaps more, the writer himself was uncomfortable remembering the kisses of both of them). </p>
<p> Probably because of this too many <em> <span style= fujoshi female fans pairing Naruto and Sasuke, making OTP NaruSasu. Not to mention, in the second part of the manga / Naruto Shippuuden, the focus of the story is Naruto who chases Sasuke like a girl chasing after a craving guy . Well, it can be understood …


Tsunade – Naruto episode 95

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<p> This scene occurs after Naruto and Jiraiya manages to convince Tsunade to return to Konoha village and become the 5th Hokage. After a tough battle with Orochimaru, Naruto and Tsunade were involved in another dispute. They fight again for a second time. However, the difference, now Tsunade not beat Naruto, but kissed his forehead. </p>
<p> If Naruto's kiss with Sasuke is something unintentional, then the kiss between Naruto and Tsunade is something deliberate-by Tsunade. However, his intensity was not as severe as Naruto and Sasuke, as Tsunade just kissed Naruto's forehead. But, still, this is also counted as a kiss is not it? </p>
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