7 Most Heroic Moment of Inuyashiki!

Many of Inuyashiki's heroic moments make it perfect to be a figure of an exemplary figure that gives an example of a true hero definition. What are they?

We all know that every Inuyashiki heroic moment makes it one of figures most entitled to the title of "hero". How come? He has a series of accomplishments in saving the lives of humankind, especially from the famous Shishigami Hiro as the most deadly sociopath.

What actions are entitled to make it worth mentioning as a "hero"? Here are 7 Inuyashiki heroics that make it worth mentioning as a hero and role model!


Saving the Homeless from Mischievous Kids Disorder

In episode 1, a homeless person is attacked by a group of naughty children using a baseball bat. Not only got there, they also had the heart to attack the homeless by firing a series of fireworks.

Of course, InuYashiki can not bear to see the homeless being persecuted. He also tried to defend him with martial arts style. As a result, Inuyashiki even so that the month-monthly by the rogues. He was even beaten to fainting.

Terminator Genisys: Future War

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But the cybernetic system that has been embedded in his body suddenly active. He succeeded in accurately firing laser rays without harming the henchmen. In addition, Inuyashiki also recorded all the identity and chronology of the occurrence and spread it to the internet.


Helping One Family on Fire Events

This incident occurred when the Inuyashiki who had known his strength tried something else after seeing Shishigami capable of flying with similar technology. Funnily enough, when trying to open a jet engine on his back, he instead sang an Astro Boy song as a trigger.

In several experiments, he finally succeeded in removing a jet engine and flying. At that moment he heard a voice calling for help from a distance. Quickly, he moved to the source of the sound and found a burning house.

After learning from the homeowner's son that there is a grandmother who is still left behind, Inuyashiki immediately went inside and managed to bring the grandmother in a state of safety. After performing his duties, Inuyashiki immediately went home after leaving a message not to spread his identity.


Healing the Cats Who Get Hit by a Car

This moment may seem trivial. However, this is where the magic in Japan began to emerge. The incident itself began when Inuyashiki had just returned from his office on foot. At that moment, he saw a mother cat and his son passing by on the highway. Unfortunately, a car crashed into the cat's mother until it was seriously injured.

In a state of panic, Inuyashiki goes directly to the cat and holds it. He was confused because he did not know the nearest animal hospital from the scene. At that moment, Inuyashiki accidentally activates a strange program that improves the structure in the body of a damaged cat.

The mother cat was saved and went with her son. Seeing the animal, Inuyashiki was inspired to heal patients with severe disease.


The rescue of the cat turns out to be the beginning of a great miracle that shatters the whole of Japan. Curious? Click next page for other Inuyashiki heroic moments!

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