7 Goku's Unconscious Power The Fan!


Kamehameha? Super Saiyan? Ultra Instinct? This is seven Goku powers rarely realized by the fans!

In the series Dragon Ball Goku has a great deal of power, ranging from his iconic stance Kamehameha, Super Saiyan form he has, to the latest in Dragon Ball Super : Ultra Instinct. Yes, the main character in the Dragon Ball series has so much power. However, do you know that the power of Goku is more than you think?

No need to linger again, here are 7 Goku powers that are rarely acknowledged by fans:


Imitating People's Stance

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<p style= If you follow Goku's series since the beginning he was little and has no children, then you will find that Goku never imitates people's tricks. As a child, Goku manages to imitate Kamehameha of Master Roshi with just one look-which makes the teacher shocked.

Not only Kamehameha Goku also briefly imitated Master Roshi's afterimage technique during the 22nd World Martial Tournament. The power to imitate these other people's moves is not exclusively Goku's own as some other characters can do it too, such as Majin Buu and kid Buu that imitate Goku's Super Kamehameha.

In Dragon Ball Super alone, Goku can also imitate the Dance of the Devastating Destruction of Beerus-which I will mention and explain more fully in the last number later.

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As mentioned earlier, Goku first gained this moment after imitating the stance of Master Roshi in the 22nd World Martial Tournament. This move is done with a very fast movement that deceives the opponent's eyes. The opponent will think that Goku is still in one place when he has moved on.


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Goku's own strength is very rarely used since Goku has children. However, in Dragon Ball Super Goku is seen using this stance several times.

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