7 Characters in One Piece That's Awakening Its Strength! Who Are They?

Awakening is a phase of the Devil Fruit in anime and manga One Piece . It is said that very few people have entered this phase, and indeed few, because it can be counted on the fingers.

Character One Piece The Awakening requires special criteria to enter this mode, and even, the terms and criteria themselves are still not known clearly until this article is written.

Oh yes, in this list are only those characters that appear in the anime and manganya, therefore Tesoro is not included, although Tesoro is indeed one of the characters One Piece the Awakening.

Awakening alone is a condition in which Devil Fruit users, capable of removing the best potential from their abilities. Who are the Characters One Piece the Awakening to date? Here is the list!

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<p> The prison creatures referred to in this list are those, torturers in Impel Down who, of course, have a monster-like appearance, as well as a torturous hobby like having no mind. </p>
<p> Character <em> One Piece </em> The Awakening is the first to be defeated by Luffy (thereafter Doflamingo and Katakuri). </p>
<p> This prison creature enters the Awakening phase of the Zoan-type Devil Fruit, so they are like a permanent animal version only, and also lose common sense. </p>
<p> The power given from Awakening is the ability to regenerate, or to be physically unbearable. However, they can still be defeated if they meet a great fighter, for example Luffy. </p>
<p> They are five, namely Minotaurus, Minorhinoceros, Minokoala, Minozebra, and Minochihuahua. </p>
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