7 Best Super Dragon Ball Battle So far!


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<h4 style= Many exciting battles are presented in the Dragon Ball Super but which one deserves to be called the best fight? Here is the fight Super Dragon Ball best!

Starting from God of Destruction Beerus Saga to Universe Survival Saga Dragon Ball Super has been a lot of exciting combats! However, of the many battles, which one deserves to be called the Dragon Ball Super best fight

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Keep in mind, this list only mentions the best battles that appear in the anime only. So, battles like Super Saiyan God Vegeta vs. Zamasu, or Complete Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs. Fused Zamasu are not mentioned here.

Without the need to linger again, here are 7 battles Dragon Ball Super best so far! Oh, and keep in mind: SPOILER ALERT !


Hit vs. Jiren

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<p style= Being in the 7th rank of the fight Dragon Ball Super Best is Hit vs Jiren. The strongest fighter Universe 6 against Jiren became one of the most exciting battles during the Universe Survival Saga. Surely, this can not be separated from Hit's unique power to stop time or timeskip .

Unlike Goku who needs to use Ultra Instinct, Jiren relies solely on his stopping power to fight Jiren. The battle feels one-sided because Jiren can always predict Jiren's movements. Nevertheless, the animation in which Hit repeatedly uses timeskip is really good and satisfying.

Unfortunately, the end of the game is pretty ridiculous. This is because Hit could have told his colleagues from Universe 6 to encourage Jiren who has been hit by the Hit step out of the arena.

However, it is not even done. Yes, this is the reason why Hit vs Jiren is ranked at the bottom of the list Dragon Ball Super best so far.


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Mystic Gohan vs Goku

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<p style= Gohan became a fan favorite character. Unfortunately, the fan loves Goku more than Gohan so this character is slowly set aside so the story can focus more on Goku.

In Dragon Ball Super himself, Gohan has virtually no meaningful role, in nerf an all-out and even finally forgotten-at least until entering Universe Survival Saga .

Entering Universe Survival Saga Gohan arguably has more time to perform and is quite satisfactory. Nevertheless, the fight between Gohan against Goku is arguably the best Gohan fight in Dragon Ball Super so far.

In this fight, we can see comeback from Ultimate Gohan / Mystic Gohan where he gains his strength back.

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