6 Weak Stand JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Utilized Steadily by Its Users


Not all figures JoJo's Bizarre Adventure got a strong Stand. Yet the owner of the 6 Frail Stands JoJo succeeded in harnessing their power to the optimum!

There are many booths JoJo that are amazingly powerful. For example yes The World, then Star Platinum, Made in Heaven, and so forth.

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But not all booths JoJo created the equivalent. There are also many booths whose strengths are weak. But thanks to the ability of its users, the Stand-Stand is still able to help defeat the enemy.

Here is the example of a weak Stand JoJo's Bizarre Adventure who has a steady user!


Hermit Purple

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<p style= Hermit Purple is a Type Stand support . This one stand can help bring up images (by destroying cameras and jars), binding someone, and even swinging from one building to another like Spider-Man.

For attack ability, this Stand does not even have the form to punch the enemy while exclaiming "Ora ora ora ora" like Star Platinum.

Even so, Joseph Joestar with his iconic ingenuity always succeeded in making use of Hermit Purple. He was able to defeat Empress with his ingenuity and the capabilities of Hermit Purple. He even had time to think of a creative method to harm DIO: bury his body with Hermit Purple-coated Hamon.

Want DIO to stop time too, if he hit Hamit Hamit Purple, the DIO vampire body will still be hurt. Unfortunately DIO is not trapped in the trap.


Echoes (All ACT)

From the groove Diamond is Unbreakable figures Koichi Hirose and Okuyasu Nijimura have interesting characteristic differences.

Okuyasu is a tall tall juvenile with a spooky face. He has one of the most dangerous stands in history JoJo, The Hand. But Okuyasu, as the author remembers, is unable to defeat the enemy when his friend is not helped.

Koichi is a short teenager with a good face and has a reputation as an ordinary student. All of its Stand shapes, Echoes, are not shown to be capable of a physical fight like Crazy Diamond. Even so, he is able to defeat the enemy who is after him (Tamami, Yukako) only by relying on Echoes.

The key to Koichi's success is this: although Echoes is classified as one of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's weak boards he always utilizes it appropriately. In fact he finally stopped Sheer Heart Attack, part of Killer Queen Yoshikage Kira who had successfully injured Jotaro Kujo severely.

In this case, once again Koichi is the opposite of Okuyasu who has an extraordinary Stand but is less skillful to use it.

As a bonus for this discussion, Koichi also has one more reverse from Okuyasu: Koichi ends up having a boyfriend. Okuyasu not.

What's more The weak booth JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that can be used steadily by its users? Check on the second page!


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