6 Unanswered Questions in Dragon Ball Super!

Dragon Ball Super has graduated in the 131rd episode. Although finished, but Dragon Ball Super has some unanswered questions. Roughly, what are some unanswered questions in Dragon Ball Super ? Here are some unanswered questions on Dragon Ball Super .



Not All Frieza Forces Are Destroyed?



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<p style= At the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 131, Frieza revived by Whis. Whis himself revived Frieza at the request of Beerus. The God of Destruction considers Frieza has done quite well in the triumph of Universe 7.

Well, at the end of the episode, we show Frieza returning to her spacecraft. Around Frieza, we can see a lot of people who can be assumed to be Frieza's men. This certainly raises the question: have not the Frieza troops perished? As we know, after Dragon Ball Z finished, few remaining Frieza troops.


On the other hand, after being revived in Golden Frieza Saga Frieza appears to be carrying the remains of his forces to attack the Earth. Yes, it was the last remnants of Frieza's army-and all of them had been destroyed by Goku et al. Then, how could Frieza still have that many troops? Apparently, this will be explained in Dragon Ball Super Movie .

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