6 Strong Anime Characters This Incredible Inhibited Disease!

Six of these anime figures are potentially more powerful than the main characters … unfortunately they are all inhibited by illness!

There are some powerful anime figures that actually has the potential to go beyond the main character. They may be enemies, may be allies.

Unfortunately, these powerful figures are undermined by disease until their power can not be maximized. Sometimes these figures can even transcend the main characters if they are serious, but they are stopped by disease.

Anyone? Let's look at the list!

Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might, is the Superman of the world My Hero Academia .

Not only the ideal hero, the existence of All Might alone can inspire and arouse the hopes of the commoners and fellow heroes.

The problem is, after a duel with All For One, All Might had trouble rendering his superhero too long. His strength was weaker than before the duel.

After fighting All For One again, All Might can not even use his power again for now.

Given that this is his captain Rayleigh and Shanks, you can imagine Gol D. Roger must be incredibly powerful. The proof he is the only figure who could become Pirate King until now.

Uniquely, on the way to Raftel Roger was already known to be sickly. He needs Crocus help to survive.

In the end, after reaching his goal, Roger knew that his time was running out. His illness was already worse.

Roger then decides to make himself immortal by surrendering himself, then conveying the existence of One Piece with his last words. Roger may die, but his name is still remembered until now in the universe One Piece .

Continued strong anime character who unfortunately inhibited the disease can you check on the second page!

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