6 Reasons Why Vegeta is Stronger than Goku!


Although Goku often gets power up or new form, but actually Vegeta is stronger than Goku, you know! Here are 6 reasons why Vegeta is stronger than Goku!

First appeared in the Dragon Ball series Vegeta became the first enemy to really make Goku difficulties even though Goku had previously practiced all-out. Yes, Vegeta is stronger than Goku. However, because Goku is the main character as the story goes, Goku can also transcend the power of Vegeta.

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Well, maybe because the "main character is the strongest" factor makes Goku the strongest character (or at least stronger than the other main characters), but there are some moments where Vegeta is stronger than Goku, you know! In addition, after being examined again, it seems that Vegeta is stronger than Goku.

Do not believe it? Here are 6 reasons why Vegeta is actually stronger than Goku:


Goku Never Beats Vegeta in Fight

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<p style= Why, instead of Goku ever expelling Vegeta from Earth? Indeed, Goku manages to expel Vegeta from Earth. Technically, however, Vegeta himself was not defeated by Goku at the time. If you re-read the manga Dragon Ball when Vegeta first came Earth, then you will realize that Gohan was the one who defeated Vegeta.

Yes, despite having used Kaio-Ken to the limit and assisted Kuririn along with Yajirobe, it was Gohan who defeated Vegeta. At that time, Gohan turned into Oozaru or a gigantic ape and gave Vegeta sufficient injury-until Vegeta fell on Gohan's body and lost.


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At Namet Even Planet, Vegeta never fought Goku-and so did Cell Saga, Majin Buu Saga, and Dragon Ball end. Although in the end Vegeta admits that Goku is stronger than himself at the end of Dragon Ball but he remains determined to surpass Goku-and he did it several times.

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