6 Reasons Hinata Can Stay Thin Despite More Eating from Naruto


Hinata age is classified as adult. She also has two children. How can Hinata stay skinny, even though she's better than eating from her husband? Here are some of the reasons!

It is well known that Hinata has the ability to eat 46 portions of ramen. Counts Duniaku.net yesterday found that it was at least equivalent to 25,000 kilo calories. After eating all that also Hinata still looks relaxed. He was not able to add another bowl, but he did not look bloated or tired.

Meanwhile a number of other shinobi K.O. despite the amount they eat under Hinata. Really K.O, until they have to be guided with a blue face.

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It should be remembered also that Hinata's photo on display at Ichiraku in the anime Boruto is a Hinata in the form of mothers, surrounded by a bowl. It seems that Hinata still managed to keep the record, although the amount she eats does not increase from when she was young.

So, how can Hinata stay skinny? Maybe this is some of the causes!


Genetic Clan Hyuga

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Then there is Hanabi, the younger brother of Hinata. Like her sister, this one girl also has a fit body.

In the real world, there are indeed people who are more difficult to fat than others. Maybe even you as readers also know people like that, those who can eat three big burgers but still skinny once. These people usually have a high body metabolism. If their family also does not have a history of fat, then it could be that the high metabolism is a genetic derivative.

Looking at the form of Hinata's father, Hanabi, then Neji, it seems that the Hyuga family does not have a fat talent.


Boruto and Himawari

As a mother, taking care of the child's behavior can be exhausting. The problem is this: the two children that Hinata is taking care of are not ordinary kids. These are children who have a talent as a ninja.

In the present era, Boruto is more often busy Kagebunshin Naruto and the subordinates of the Seventh Hokage, because of his mischief he distributes outdoors. (Like scribbling the face of his father's own monument). But you can imagine this bad boy makes Hinata overwhelmed when she was a toddler.

Especially why Hinata can stay skinny? You can read the discussion on the second page.


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