6 One Piece It's Potentially Occupy Empty Throne Mary Geoise! ​​

The discussion below contains spoilers for those who have not read One Piece chapter 907.



Thus, One Piece chapter 907 gives so many surprises. Starting from the shocking relationship between Kaido and Big Mom, Shanks's unexpected political maneuvers, to the disclosure of Tenryuubito both at Mary Geoise.

… oh, if you are confused, Eiichiro Oda is officially named the capital of World Government is Mary Geoise. Having previously translated as Mariejois, Duniaku.net will start using Mary Geoise's designation following Oda.

But one to be reckoned with is the so-called Empty Throne.

Technically, anyone who occupies the Empty Singgasan Mary Geoise will automatically become the ruler of the world One Piece . You see, the position of this one throne even surpassed Gorosei and Tenryuubito.

Therefore the throne is left empty. All kings of the world, including Tenryuubito, are considered to be sitting in the same position. No matter what they are, they remain under Empty Throne Mary Geoise.

This may also be the empty throne that Doflamingo refers to in his ruin. "What now?! In the countless eyes of pirates roaming the ocean, there is an empty throne! You know what that means right? It will start! The biggest battle that the pirate world will witness! War for supreme power! "

Well, the author feels that Oda has introduced something like this, in the near future there will be someone who sits on this throne.

Who are the candidates?

For now, the author feels OPLovers still laugh at Stelly.

Since chapter 905, he was like a whimper. Starting from insulted Garp, to be frightened by the Fishman, Stelly felt a variety of hilarious experiences.

But the author feels Stelly has a resemblance to Spandam. A weak figure so driven by negative desire that they can create tragedy.

In chapter 907, Stelly seems ambitious to occupy her own Empty Throne Mary Geoise. From the beginning, he also has an absurd ambition to be part of Tenryuubito. (Although he can not do it, Tenryuubito is determined by lineage).

There is also an allegation that he was involved in the death of the king and queen of Goa Kingdom before this. If so, it proves that he will do anything to fulfill his ambition.

If not watched, Stelly could have triggered an international incident by occupying the Empty Throne.

Fortunately, so far Stelly is overseen by Sabo. Sabo might be able to stop his adoptive brother if necessary.

One Piece candidate who could potentially occupy Empty Throne Mary Geoise can be read on the second page!

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