6 Navigator Ships in One Piece Besides Nami! Hayo On Know Who's Aja?

Navigator on One Piece is a very important position for all sailors in the anime and manga, ranging from Pirate, to Navy.

However, few navigator positions in One Piece are shown, and the most highlighted is Nami, as he is the main Navigator in the Straw Hat group (who is also the main character).

Even so, it turns out that there are characters in One Piece which turns out to be also a Navigator, or at least shown to have navigation capabilities within the anime and manga. Here are 6 Navigators in One Piece besides Nami!

Coby is currently a Captain in the Navy, and is arguably a character in One Piece whose development is deeply felt.

Is Coby a Navigator? Currently it is not, but Coby at the beginning of his introduction is shown to have great navigational ability.

In the beginning, Coby was part of the Alvida Pirate, who joined in for accidental deeds. According to Alvida himself, Coby does not have any ability (besides can be told of course). The only thing that keeps Alvida from retaining Coby is Coby's ability to navigate.

After being saved by Luffy, Coby had an adventure with Luffy, though only briefly. Here, Coby plays a temporary Navigator. If Coby had continued his adventure, perhaps he would fill Nami's position (though not comparable with Nami).


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<p> Still remember Eddy? Ah seems a lot to forget, yes. Nevertheless, Eddy is a Navigator character in <em> One Piece </em> which was introduced early </p>
<p> Eddy is a Navigator of the Bellamy Pirates group. About his power, he is not shown, but it is clear he has the ability to navigate in the ocean. </p>
<p> Just like most Navigators in One Piece <em></em> Eddy also has a Log Pose which he wore in his arm. </p>
<h4> <strong> Then who are the four Navigators in <em> One Piece </em> </strong> <strong> others? Immediately you check on the second page! </strong> </h4>
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