6 More Devil Fruit Fruit Paramecia with the Most Terrible Power in One Piece!


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<h4> Who are the six most dangerous Paramecia Fruit eaters in <em> One Piece? </em> These six figures are to be reckoned with! Check out the discussion in this article! </h4>
<p> Loyal readers <em> Duniaku.net </em> may be familiar with the strongest Paramecia Fruit-eating article on <em> One Piece </em>. The problem is, the article was published in 2016 and <em> One Piece </em> goes on. There are many names that should enter but are left behind, in large part because they have not shown their strength or even debut yet. </p>
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Now, in early 2018, let's look at other Paramecia Fruit eaters that are no less dangerous than those already mentioned in the previous list. Some of these names are even able to defeat easily the fighter on the list!


Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma is arguably already a dreaded enemy because of the body modification it receives. Even if you manage to beat him even his Pacifista body is capable of accepting blows, blows, and explosions without submission.

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The problem is, Kuma is also a Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. The fruit may sound cute but the effect is very deadly when used properly. Just imagine, Kuma can catapult anything. Includes abstract concepts such as pain and fatigue.

So far every Kuma is dealing with the Straw Hats, the Straw Hats are losing. Luckily Zoro can make it retreat at their first meeting, and in the second meeting Kuma has other plans against Luffy and his friends.

It is said that now there is nothing left of the old Kuma. He is a fully Pacifista who will run the orders of the World Government and the Navy. But is that right?

Or is one of the most powerful Paramecia Fruit eaters in One Piece is just pretending, pending command of Monkey D. Dragon?



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<p> Sugar and Perona have a lot in common. They both possess a cute <em> image </em>and both have a Paramecia-type Devil that <em> is broken </em>. </p>
<p> Horo Horo no Mi Perona is capable of making someone with steel determination like Zoro even to his knees. Meanwhile, Sugar's Hobby no Mi Hobby can turn anyone into a toy just by touching it. </p>
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Not only that, all the toys made by Sugar were forgotten by the world. This is a weapon of evil disappearance that is indeed required by criminal groups such as Doflamingo gangs.

Sugar is also not a weak fighter. He has at least a reflex and a good speed, so he can anticipate all who try to beat him. Robin alone he made toys as well.

Good luck and skill Usopp can overcome this girl, otherwise the Straw Hats can lose Robin and even Luffy before they could drop Doflamingo.

Two other dangerous Paramecia Fruit eaters can you check on the second page!


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