6 Genin It Shows Disappointingly at the Genin Exam of Boruto!

The chūnin test is by no means easy. The chūnin test of Boruto is primarily filled with dangerous opponents. Call it a trio of Sunagakure, Shinki, Araya, Yodo, which level above the other genin. Similarly, Mitsuki who secretly knows senjutsu, Sarada who has completed the Sharingan, and Boruto who completed the kote cheat .

Even so, some contestants keep trying desperately before being knocked out. Call it Metal Lee, whose fists bleed to try to protect his flag.

On the contrary, the genin below her performance was disappointing. Let's see anyone.

Iwabe Yuino is one of the Academy's most tested fighting disciples. After all, he does live in class not because of ugly in taijutsu and ninjutsu, but because he is weak in academic.

Iwabe's performance expectations are rising for his achievements in Kirigakure. He is able to defeat the chūnin level opponent, who holds Shibuki's heirloom weapons, in an instant.

Indeed, Iwabe's enemy is one of the most dangerous genin in the test. (Shinki). But Metal Lee alone can last longer than this one genin.

Genin performing disappointingly in the chunin exam Boruto can you check continued on the second page!

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