6 Figures of the One Piece of the Covenant that are Important (but Later Tainted)

There are many figures of the Navy One Piece that impressed. Call it Sakazuki, whose existence now affects the world One Piece . There is also Smoker, who is now more often helping the Straw Hats than hunting them.

But there are also Navy figures One Piece who at their first appearance will be thought of as important, but then forgotten. Curious? Here is the list!



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<p> Commodore Brannew first appeared in <i> One Piece </i> chapter 96. There, Brannew was shown at the Navy Headquarters, when his rank was still commander. </p>
<p> Brannew commented on Luffy's status, as <i> rookie </i> involved in the fall of three major East Blue pirates: Buggy, Krieg, and Arlong. He says that <i> bounty </i> early 30 million Belly may be exaggerated, but Luffy's potential makes him worthy of his reward. </p>
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The existence of Brannew at Navy Headquarters might make the reader and audience One Piece used to think this figure would be an important figure in the Navy. Perhaps the types of characters that will play an important role in blocking the path of the Straw Hats

But so far the role of Brannew is only as a reporting incident, as he pointed out at the end of the Marineford War as he reports to Sengoku, as well as commentator of Luffy's activity. Though present at Marineford, Brannew is invisible to do much.

Even so, Brannew is still more distinguished than any other Navy figure who appears with him in One Piece chapter 96.


John Giant

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<p> When it first appeared, John Giant instantly felt as the figure of the Navy <em> One Piece </em> that mattered. </p>
<p> After Brannew conveyed his reason for rewarding Luffy with <i> bounty </i> early 30 million Belly, Giant gave a loud speech. "Everyone wants to run away, I command to leave right now!" He shouted, because he thought the Navy was a bastion of peace in the Pirate Age. Even a speck of cowardice is inexcusable. </p>
<p> Readers <i> One Piece </i> who do not know anything about the Navy structure may immediately regard the Giant as one of their strongest fighters. Probably the great wall that Luffy had to fight as a pirate. </p>
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Apparently? Not at all.

The Giant position in the Navy is actually quite important. Although not admiral, he is sometimes believed to rule his colleague of equal rank. This is shown in Enies Lobby, when Buster Call occurs. That's why he can give a speech at the Navy Headquarters.

But, after only appearing intermittently, John Giant was not even given a chance to show off when the Marineford War started. In addition to his speech at the headquarters, John Giant's most memorable scene is clear when he is punched by Whitebeard.

Even so, it was revealed later that John Giant was actually one of the children given by Mother Caramel to the Navy. This revelation may indicate that Oda is still preparing something for the giant who had humiliated this Whitebeard.

Navy Ninja One Piece else that initially feels important but now you can opt to check on the second page!

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