6 Fascinating Facts Admiral Fujitora, the Justice Enforcer of the One Piece Serial!


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<h4> Compared to his colleagues, Admiral Fujitora's fairness principle feels as the fairest. He will take action against the crime indiscriminately, and not cover up the mistakes of the World Government. Interested in this one character? Here are some interesting facts Admiral Fujitora! </h4>
<p> Supposedly, the Navy in <em> One Piece </em> is a weak enforcer of justice and protectors. Yet some officers are shown to be too sadistic in acting, corrupt, or bound by bureaucracy until they can not uphold justice. </p>
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Admiral Fujitora is different. In the end, it was not him who overcame Doflamingo, but he still showed his dedication to uphold justice by apologizing to King Riku III publicly. The actions that Sakazuki and Gorosei would not allow were excited.

Curious about this character? Let's look at the interesting facts about Admiral Fujitora!


Appearances Inspired by Shintaro Katsu

So far, everyone who occupies the position of the Navy admiral is always drawn more realistically than others. No wonder, because Oda uses the physical features of legendary Japanese actors for their model.

The Japanese actor selected by Oda as Admiral Fujitora's reference is Shintaro Katsu. More precisely, Shintaro Katsu as he plays Zatoichi, the blind master of blind.

If you're interested, consider one example of the Shintaro Katsu action scene as Zatoichi below.

It's really like seeing Fujitora fight without her Devil Fruit, is it?


Rapid Skybows Being an Admiral

This man's real name Issho included a newly joined Navy in a massive recruitment after the Marineford War.

After Akainu's duel against Aokiji, there was a vacancy in the position of the Navy admiral. The only person still in that position is only Borsalino. Kuzan the Aokiji decided to resign after losing from a duel against Akainu. Meanwhile Sakazuki the Akainu gets promoted replacing Sengoku into a fleet admiral.


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Issho and Ryokugyu then sped up super fast. Not yet known exactly how the promotion process of both, but during time skip One Piece Issho the Fujitora and Ryokugyu already fill the position left by Kuzan and Sakazuki.

But … perhaps should Sakazuki be more careful in approving the promotion of Issho. Especially since Issho's stance is closer to Kuzan than Sakazuki.

Advanced interesting facts Admiral Fujitora can you check on the second page!


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