6 Facts Oozaru the Saiyan Giant Monkey It's Maybe You Just Know!


 fact oozaru "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Here it is Oozaru, the mainstay of the Saiyan people before they know the Super Saiyan form! Yuk, know more deeply what they are like in the following Oozaru fact article! </h4>
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Oozaru's facts are some that fans may not be aware of. Oozaru, also known by the name Great Ape the name for the transformation of the Saiyan into a giant monster resembling a monkey. Of course we all know that normally, only the Saiyan people have a tail that can turn into this gigantic monkey.

Well, this time duniaku.net will give you facts about Oozaru that you may never know!


Older Youth, Same Same!

 Oozaru "width =" 720 "height =" 384 "/> One unique Oozaru fact among the Saiyan people is about their size, regardless of their age or physical size while in ordinary form, when it turns into Oozaru then their size is not much different.Any old and young, big or small, Oozaru are all relatively the same size. </p>
<p> This can be seen from Gohan which is much smaller and younger than Vegeta. When Gohan and Vegeta turn into Oozaru, the size of the two is almost the same. This means no matter the age and body size, Oozaru will always look like a fit adult ape. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why a small Goku in the Dragon Ball GT <em> series </em> returns to an adult when it turns into Super Saiyan 4. </p>
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Original Monkey Nothing is Similar!

One of Oozaru's other facts is the unique design of Oozaru, though designed to resemble a giant gorilla or King Kong Oozaru is actually more approached monkeys because they had a tail, and Oozaru's head resembled a baboon primate with sharp teeth and red eyes, but if sought, none of the monkeys were apparently identical to Oozaru.

The name Oozaru itself has the meaning of great apes, giant apes, or monkey kings. Oozaru itself is inspired by Sun Go Kong, the ape's silence from the story Journey to the West . Goku own character is inspired from Go Kong, so no wonder if the design like that.

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Oozaru Power? Ten Times Over!

 Oozaru's true facts Oozaru's true strength is very large: A Saiyan in normal condition if turned into Oozaru, then his basic strength is multiplied by ten.this is one of the reasons why many of the Saiyan people rely on Oozaru's change in battle even after having changed them to lose consciousness. </p>
<p> It is far from clear whether this great power should be paid at the speed or even Oozaru is getting faster. But according to Goku, at least the speed of the Saiyan after transforming into Oozaru is equal to their speed before changing. </p>
<h4> You think Oozaru is attacking blindly? Apparently not entirely like that! Curious? Go to the second page! </h4>
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