6 Doraemon Anime's Heart-Touching and Heart Touching Story


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<h4> The anime story of Doraemon is full of comedy and silly stories from the cast. But not a few who provide teaching and even touch the emotions of the soul of the audience. </h4>
<p> Here is an episode in Doraemon anime series that is very touching. For you Doraemon lovers, you can still watch it on RCTI every Sunday at 08.00 s.d. 9:00 </p>
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<p class= Grandfather Tree

Tools used: soul generation, spirits

There is an old tree that is behind the school. That's where many children play from time to time. Come to a project worker who will build a place there and will cut the grandfather of the tree.

Nobita and his friends tried to prevent project work in all sorts of ways, but failed. On the last day, Doraemon took out his ultimate tool, the soul-generator and the animated doll. They planned to move the grandfather tree to the hill that is on the other side of the city.

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The tree grandfather walks through town. Instead of shifting, the grandfather of the tree gives the memories belonging to the children who had played with him as a child and now mature, ranging from the kite that was caught up to the tire of the swing.

Afterwards he decided to return to his hometown and advised him that even though he was cut down, the memories with the children would be there all the time. The night closes with the tears of Nobita, Doraemon, Shisuka, and the tree grandfather.

The next day the grandfather of the tree has been cut down, but they remember the grandfather's message of memories that can not be destroyed.


Jaian Protecting Nobita

Tools used: the pen of desire (19459005)

Takeshi or Jaian is known as a naughty child, likes to menjahili friends, and beat who does not obey him. Like a school thug might be.

Nobita and Jaian are in a group to do the work. Each individual must write down the goodness of the opponent in one group. Nobita assumes that there is no goodness in Jaian since Nobita is always oppressed and enslaved by her.

He borrowed a Doraemon tool that was a pen for reality. If the nature is written by using the pen, then that trait will become reality.

Summon Gate

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Sure enough, Nobita jokes Jaian by writing strange things and benefits himself. But in the evening, Nobita was intercepted by a junior high student who wanted to blackmail him. He also felt very frightened.

Jaian who came to confront the junior high. Finally, Jaian and Nobita were both beaten by the junior high school boy. Nobita asks why Gian is protecting him from a junior high school boy, when he's obviously going to lose. Jaian also replied emphatically that Nobita is her best friend and she will protect her best friend.


The Haunted Inn

Tools used: ghost storage box

Nobita and his friends are on an excursion somewhere. It seems that they are lost and meet an old inn that is also managed by the old grandfather. The inn is not selling much and will soon shut it down.

Suddenly many people come to stay at the inn. Because there was no preparation, the grandfather asked for help from Nobita and his friends. Doraemon takes out a ghost save box.

The ghosts will help them to prepare everything from cooking, warming water, and cleaning the room. At this point all walk smoothly and customers are happy.

But accidentally Jaiandan Suneo opened the ghost storage box then dropped it. This resulted in the exit of all the ghosts and frightened all residents of the inn. Starting from the ghost of the long neck, the goblins, the blue fire, and so on appear.

Eventually all went and the inn's reputation was ruined. Nobita and his friends apologized to the old grandfather. The grandfather said that he was happy to work again even for one day only.

The arrival of the customer made him live again even though he had to close his lodging then. Their tears are witnessed also by the ghosts still roaming.

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