6 Devil Fruit Users Can Pass Through The Sea Without The Ship, Lho! Who Are They?


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<h4 style= Devil Fruit users are strong, but there is a price to pay, ie they can not swim, or get water, especially seawater. However, these 6 Devil Fruit users can pass through the sea without ships!

Every Devil Fruit user in the One Piece series will get the unique power of the fruit they eat. This power is useful in combat, as well as in other matters such as search, interrogation, and other useful things beyond fighting.

Unfortunately, Devil Fruit users receive the impact of the fruit he eats, ie can not get water, especially sea water. As if their ability to swim disappears, and they will sink to the bottom of the sea.

But unlike the six Devil Fruit users below. They have the ability to cross the sea, in long distances and at close range, using their strengths and physical abilities. Who are they?



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<p style= Brook is probably the most familiar of these lists. He is a musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as being the grandfather in this group, because of his very old age.

The five people on this list use their Devil Fruit capabilities, but unlike Brooks who use their basic skills or take advantage of their own physique that is only bone-like creatures.

Because he has no limb other than bone (and hair), so Brook has a very light weight. Because it is so light, to the extent that he can run over the sea.

He will run fast, and with his speed and light body, Brook can run on water like a Ninja.


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Kuzan (Aokiji)

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<p style= In addition to Brook, the most familiar and often demonstrating ability against the oceans is Kuzan, or better known as the former Admiral of the Navy: Aokiji. Kuzan has the power of the Devil Fruit Hie Hie no Mi, which allows him to manipulate and make ice.

Kuzan can make or freeze anything with his ice, of course including sea water. How it works, Kuzan will make the seawater freeze, and he will walk on it, more often he is shown walking on the frozen seawater using his favorite bike.

Since Kuzan is clearly very powerful as a former Admiral, and his ability to control his Devil Fruit is also not arbitrary, it is possible for Kuzan to explore the sea by long distance using his bicycle.

If Brook and Kuzan are ranked first and second, then who are the rest? Check out the next page!


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