6 Characters Ever Being Members Roger Pirates and Still Life!

Gol D. Roger is known as the legendary pirate king. This fearless, fearless pirate has himself been executed by the World Government and the Navy 24 years before Luffy's story begins. During that time, the members of Roger Pirates were no longer heard-it is likely that they were dead.

Even so, right now, there are still some surviving Roger Pirates members, you know! Counting, up to the time of writing, six characters were once members of Roger Pirates and still alive. In addition, these six characters have met Luffy at least once! Who are they? The following are 6 surviving members of Roger Pirates:


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<p style= Shanks the redhead ( Akagami no Shanks ) was a member of the Roger Pirates when he was young. He started his career as a pirate as a Cabin Boy in the Roger Pirate Group. Cabin Boy itself is practically a new member or a novice pirate who has a not-so-important task in a pirate group.

Since Roger's death, Shanks went on his own adventure and successfully built a group of pirates named Red Hair Pirates ( Akagami Kaizoku ). In addition to successfully creating his own pirate group, Shanks is also the one who inspired Luffy to become a pirate, you know!

The character who originally served as Cabin Boy is now a Yonko figure feared by various pirate groups and even the Navy as well as the World Government.


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<p style= Silvers Rayleigh, otherwise known as Dark King Rayleigh, was once a First Mate Roger Pirates or vice-captain of the Roger Pirate Group. As a vice-captain of a pirate king, surely his strength can not be underestimated.

At his old age just now, he can fight equally against one of Admiral, Borsalino, at Shabaody. Not only that, he can even swim from outside the Calm Belt to the Amazon Lily while killing several Sea Kings on his way!

Currently, Rayleigh spends his retirement as Coating Mechanic and lives in Sabaody Archipelago. Previously, he had coached Luffy fighting ways and used Haki for two years.

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