6 Again Anonymous Anime Officers are Really Dangerous!


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<h4 class= 6 these undimaged anime figures are not only underestimated by their enemies, but also spectators! In fact, they have a potentially dangerous potential!

In an earlier article, Duniaku.net highlighted figures who were more underrated by their enemies in the story. But the audience does know that they are actually dangerous. (Like Naruto Uzumaki and Gon Freecs).

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Well, in this time, 6 anime figures are underestimated not only underestimated by enemies and their friends only. Sometimes, even audiences and readers alike think they are weak. As they show their full potential, even audiences and readers are surprised.

Anyone? Just check out the list of undecided anime figures below!


Master Roshi (Super Dragon Ball version)

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<p align= When Master Roshi was elected to defend Universe 7, many expected him to be eliminated first. How come? The power of this one man has not been felt since the arrival of the Saiyan on earth. He is more often seen on the back line, helping the injured, rather than fighting like Goku was a child.

Then Roshi learns to muffle her passion and … her looks startle everyone. Starting from his colleagues, Beerus, to the audience Dragon Ball Super .

No half-hearted, Roshi is arguably the mastermind of the exclusion of Universe 4. She is dealing with the main fighters of the universe, including Gannos who is a mainstay of Quitella, and removes them using tricks and fighting skills.

Then Roshi increasingly proved himself worthy of being elected one of ten protector Universe 7 with a brief fight against Frost, although he has not been long suspended animation. Truly the recluse of this one can not be underestimated.


Yohei Mito

There may be readers who forget the name of Hanamichi Sakuragi's best friend. Each appears, Yohei's role is most between supporting Hanamichi and the Shohoku team, harassing Hanamichi, or being beaten up by an annoyed Hanamichi.

Then Mitsui deployed a delinquent gang to attack Shohoku high school basketball club. Yohei then provided assistance with his friends' trio: Chuichirou Noma, Yuji Ohkusu, and Nozomi Takamiya.

It was then seen that Yohei was in an anime like Crows X Worst he may not be just a supporting figure. Yohei showed great fighting ability. Perhaps not until Hanamichi seheboh, but still above the trio Noma-Ohkusu-Takamiya and his enemy.

The Sakuragi gang is rarely shown fighting again afterwards, especially in the manga. But since then Yohei insisted that you should not mess with Shohoku high school. Although Hanamichi was not involved, Yohei was able to handle even the most formidable thugs.

Funko Naruto – Naruto – POP! Vinyl – 6366

Funko is one of the product figures that you can buy if you really like one character, but the figure is really amazing expensive. Economical but has interesting details, and the choice of series too much, Funko is very fun to be collected. In fact there are already some anime that goes into this line, like Naruto!

Two other underrated anime figures you can check on the second page!


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