5 Tokubetsu Jonin The Unseen Era of Naruto in the Era of Boruto! They are to Mana Yes?

Tokubetsu jonin is a term for the specialist shinobi. Instead of excelling in all areas of ninjutsu, these jonin have a specific ability that they are very good at. This ability can then be exploited for various special situations, such as reading the minds of enemy ninjas that have been captured.

There are several tokubetsu jonin of the Naruto era that you can see in the Boruto era. Call it Anko Mitarashi, who is now teaching at the Konoha Academy. (And ballooning into fat). There is also Ibiki Morino the interrogator, who appears at the end of the Geng Mujina groove in the manga Boruto .

Even so, there are some famous tokubetsu jonin that until now is not known of its existence. Here's a list of their names!


Genma Shiranui

Tokubetsu jonin Handsome this one is very prominent during chunin exam. In addition to being the superintendent of the final exam matches, Genma also had time to interact with the genin.


Not only that, after Orochimaru started the chaos, Genma showed his skill by helping the fight as well. Genma was also able to force the Sound Four to activate the second level of their curse. This guy may be injured because of it, but he can force the tough quartet to fight more seriously is proof of his skill .

Genma was still alive until the Fourth Shinobi World War ended. He even became a gatekeeper when Kakashi was promoted to the Sixth Hokage. But after that this one guy disappears, not yet seen again.



Ebisu is definitely one of the most memorable tokubetsu jonin of the Naruto serial era first. The character design is simple, yet easy to remember. Its sometimes obscene nature can also invite laughter.

As jonin, Ebisu is responsible for the genin team consisting of Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon. In the Boruto era, the trio of genin also had risen to jonin and had separate teams.

Ebisu was present to the marriage of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. Had hated Naruto when little Naruto first, this one jonin seems to remain in awe of the young man who later became the Seventh Hokage.

However, like Genma, Ebisu has not been seen in the Boruto era until now. Maybe he was enjoying a relaxing time somewhere, quietly satisfied that Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon all grew into reliable jonin. Konohamaru anime version even now has a tremendous power, as shown in the line of the Serial Bridge Boruto .

Three other popular tokubetsu jonins that have not been found out in the series Boruto can you check on the second page!

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