5 Times The Power of Vegeta Has Been Above The Power Of Goku!


Although claimed to be the strongest fighter in Universe 7, but Goku has been several times less powerful than Vegeta, you know! This is five times the power of Vegeta above the power of Goku!

Interestingly, if you follow Dragon Ball from the beginning, Goku never once won a fight against Vegeta. There, Vegeta even defeated Goku twice: while on Earth (technically, Gohan was the one who defeated Vegeta) and when he was possessed by Babidi's evil magic (albeit by cheating). Nonetheless, Vegeta's power is often shown to be under the power of Goku.

Goku's own strength is now clearly above the strength of Vegeta-especially thanks to the introduction of the Ultra Instinct technique. Nevertheless, during the series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super took place, the power of Vegeta had several times been above the power of Goku, you know!

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Yes, though for a moment but Vegeta was once more powerful than Goku at least 5 times during the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super series took place. When is it? Here is 5 times the power of Vegeta is above the power of Goku!


First Time Comes to Earth

 Vegeta's strength is stronger than Goku "
<figcaption class= Vegeta in the opening of Dragon Ball Kai

This one is obvious. time to come to Earth, Vegeta has a tremendous power higher than Goku-when Goku was already practicing desperately under Kaio's teachings.Even after using Kaio-ken 4x Goku still can not really beat Vegeta-just wounded severe.

Though already beaten with Kaio-ken 4x, Vegeta still got back against Goku and turned into Oozaru. After being back in normal shape, Vegeta can still survive the fight of Oozaru Gohan and even return Son Goku's son to its original form. Absolutely incredible!


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However, as the story turns to Namek planet and continues, Goku's power is also shown to be superior above Vegeta. But even on the planet Namek Vegeta never been stronger than Goku, you know!

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