5 Straw Hat Members Who Have Transformed! Sanji Will Ngikut?

Thus, Sanji obtained Raid Suit Germa 66.

The process of transforming Raid Suit is actually simple. Users only wear uniforms tokusatsu only. But this simple change alone can make the Vinsmoke brothers, who already have steel bodies, become more deadly. They can exclude skills such as flying and laser shooting.

If Sanji one day uses it, then he will be the sixth member of the Straw Hats who have the henshin or transformation process. Hah? Already there are five who can this technique? Actually yes you know. Here it is the members of the Straw Hats that have transformations. Starting from the simple and hilarious until that really shook the Yonko fleet!

Using a mask, Usopp can turn into Sogeking!

Sogeking is supposed to be just Usopp wearing a mask. Surprisingly, roughly since Thriller Bark, Sogeking is like Usopp's multiple personality. When hit by Kumashi, Usopp practically saved himself by wearing a Sogeking mask and handling Perona's doll.

In the anime version, each Usopp wears a Sogeking mask also his voice is different from the usual.

To Zoro, the transformation that he possessed was the form of Asura.

Instead of superhero like Sogeking, Asura clearly makes Zoro look like a statue of a war god. He seems to have an extra head and an additional arm, making it even more deadly.

Since Zoro is a swordsman who relies on techniques, not Devil Fruit or magic, in fact the author was confused how Zoro could achieve this form.

Asura seems not just an illusion or a cool visualization, because in some moments the people who witnessed Zoro's battle saw him have extra heads and arms. An example is in Sabaody. While fighting the Pacifista, Chopper and Brook clearly see and comment on witnessing this Zoro transformation.

Another Straw Hat member who has a transformation form you can check on the second page!

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