5 Reasons Why Survey Corps. Can Dominate the Battle Against Marley!

The war between the Eldians of Paradis against Marley finally begins in Attack on Titan 103 released this month. In this battle, Eren and his comrades Survey Corps of Paradis attacked the Marleys in front of Marley's central area. Surely, they are outnumbered in terms of either army soldiers or soldiers Titan-Shifter .

However, in spite of losing numbers and also technology that is arguably more left behind than Marley, but Eren and his Survey Corps comrades were able to push titan-shifter Marley, subvert the powerful Titan Beast and also Cartman Titan, even ransacked Marley's army.

Approximately, why are these Eldia troops from Paradis able to push Marley's army? Here are some reasons that might explain it!



Already Very Veteran in Facing The Titans



The Marleans may have long been aware of the Titan-Shifter and even had so much data about the Titans that they could use their power to fight together in war. Even so, the Eldes of Paradis were far more experienced in dealing with the Titans because they resisted the Titans.

Imagine, they have all been fighting against the Titan from scratch without any memory of Titan-the result of the abolition of memory by Karl Fritz. From the original use of the cannon, the knife made Iron Bamboo, until finally 3D Maneuver Gear, the Eldia on Paradis island is now used to face these Titans and their teamwork is very good against the enemy, especially Titan.


Hence, when they were confronted with the Titan Beast and other titan-shifter they seemed to be able to easily defeat them all without the need for heavy equipment such as combat boats or planes.

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