5 Reasons Why Sasuke Matches Tekken 7 Instead of Noctis!


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<h4 style= Though similarly similar, but his Sasuke serial Naruto is more suitable to enter Tekken 7 than his Sasuke Final Fantasy XV ! This is the reason!

In early November, Bandai Namco announced that Noctis of Final Fantasy XV would appear in the famous game Tekken 7 . This is certainly very surprising for gamers-especially serial gamers Tekken- because Noctis is not really a game character fighting.

Apart from not a game fighting character, Noctis also has a very different fighting style with the characters Tekken or other fighting games. He used many weapons as well as his warp ability to move quickly.

So, it seems that Noctis is somewhat less suited to be a playable character in Tekken 7. However, it is undeniable that his gameplay 7 is rather interesting and feels a bit too imbalance when compared to other Tekken characters.

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Well, talking about Noctis and whether or not he is for the game Tekken 7 I think that there are other characters-other "Noctis" characters-more suited to Tekken 7, namely: Sasuke Uchiha!

Yes, Sasuke Uchiha of the Naruto series !

So, why is Sasuke Uchiha better suited in Tekken 7 than Noctis? Here are 6 reasons why Sasuke is better suited in Tekken 7 than Sasuke Final Fantasy XV !


Sasuke Mastering Taijutsu

In the Naruto series Sasuke is one of the most excellent ninja in using taijutsu or hand-to-hand combat techniques. The younger brother of Itachi Uchiha is able to fight against more than one person only with taijutsu and he also has remarkable speed and reflexes.

Indeed, Sasuke sometimes brings his sword in battle. However, he does not always use his sword. If it goes into Tekken 7 perhaps its fighting style will resemble Yoshimitsu who does not use weapons much and hits and kicks more.

In addition, Chidori Sasuke also seems to be applicable into the game Tekken 7 . His movement may later be similar to Lars's rage arts . Haha.

Having mastered this empty-handed fighting technique, it seems that Sasuke is better suited to be a character Tekken 7 than Noctis who relies more on Warp Strike and his weapons.


Sasuke Got a Theme Suited by Tekken 7

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<p style= In most of Naruto's stories Sasuke has a theme of revenge. Yes, since it was first introduced, a character similar to Andika Kangen Band, it is described as an edgy child with a grim and doomed past to kill his own brother: Itachi Uchiha.

The theme of revenge itself is very strongly felt in the serial Tekken . There is Kazuya who wants to avenge his mother on Heihachi, then Jin who also avenge his mother who was reported to have been killed Ogre, there is also Miguel who wants to take revenge on Jin for indirectly killing his sister.

Likes fighting game? Then you must play this Tekken 7!

So, it could have been if Sasuke had entered into Tekken 7 it was told that he was looking for someone suspected of Itachi Uchiha. Not right?

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