5 One Piece's Useful Transport Method!

Lebaran shortly. Various events are conducted to enliven the moment at the end of this Ramadan. After a month of fasting, it's time to get together, forgive, with family and friends. Of course to be able to gather with family, one of them must do back and forth. Well, perhaps one of the exciting way of going home can be done by way of mudik ala One Piece .

Lebaran new nampol when going home to the hometown. Thus the tradition of going home will always be crowded in about 10 days before and 10 days after Idulfitri. Of course it would be fun if you can go home One Piece . Some ways of going home One Piece can be:


The main mode of transportation in the One Piece world is certainly a boat. But today's boat may be modern with its engine. It seems to be more exciting if you board a sailboat ala Thousand Sunny. But of course must be accompanied by a reliable navigator a la Nami-chan.

Some boats that seem preoccupied for mudik include Going Merry, Thousand Sunny, or Moby Dick.

Train ride is also an option in Idul Fitri. But if only could go home with the sea rail train ala One Piece. It seems to cross the ocean with an exciting feel, is not it?

Seaweed in One Piece is newly seen in Ennies Lobby and Water 7. However, this is intended not only for public transportation, but also for strong hold of Aqua Laguna. Fortunately a phenomenon like Aqua Laguna does not happen here yes.

Certainly a vehicle ride becomes one of the choice of mudik transportation mode. But in order not to mainstream like a car, bus, or motorcycle, what if you ride a vehicle animal? Of course in the world One Piece there are several options of animal vehicles such as camels, crabs, or ducks like Carue, possibly even with Sea King and Sea Beast like Surume.

Climbing up the clouds here are two notions. The first sense is to climb clouds like a transportation in the Land of Sky like Skypiea. There the inhabitants transport with dial technology in milky road . Surely this can only happen if we live in a land above the clouds.

The other sense is ascending to the cloud of Zeus which is the homies cloud. At least Big Mom can climb up Zeus make it fly and cross the sea with ease. Given now that Zeus is owned by Nami, maybe Nami can also ride Zeus right? At least Nami has several dial from Skypiea to get on Zeus!



So Victims Nikyu Nikyu no Mi



Moving places in no time may be the ideal way of going home. In the world One Piece one of the methods of moving location briefly was with the power of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi belonging to Bartholomew Kuma.

Of course this method may make mudik become less fun. But at least mudik become cheap and practical. Surely this if you still survive when facing the Shichibukai Kuma.

What do you think about mudik aa One Piece ? Which way do you like most? Want to discuss this topic with your friends? Feel free to share and tag yes!

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