5 Most Popular Sakura Character Names in Jagat Animanga


 Sakura Animanga's name "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> The frequency of using Sakura's name in the animanga world is quite intense, then among them all, who is the most popular Sakura? </h4>
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Sakura is the name of Japan's national flower. His trademark we all already know, pink. This flower has a blooming cycle between May and June or during the spring. Referring to wikipedia, the origin of the sakura name is from the word " pocket " which means bloom and affix " ra " which denotes plural. In English, cherry blossoms can be translated into cherry blossoms .

Sakura, more than that, has deep philosophical and symbolic meanings for Japanese society. This flower is always associated with women. Sakura represents many expressions in various joints of life such as happiness, joy, luck, tranquility, courage, and beauty.

From the beginning of the 2nd millennium to the present day, Sakura's name has its own momentum as one of the most popular names that parents in Japan thwarted to their babies.

In fact, this name was rarely used because the life cycle of cherry blossoms are very short, which is about a few weeks from beginning to bloom until wilted. So that few connect the name Sakura with a bad sign that the owner will not live long in this world.

That's the condition of using Sakura's name in the real world, then what about the animanga world? Apparently There are so many names Sakura used by creators of manga and anime for their characters.

However, of the many Sakura names present in the animanga, here we will only discuss the five owners of the Sakura name, be it the first name or surname, the most popular among them. Here are the most popular Sakura names today.


Sakura Sakurakouji / Code Breaker

 Sakura Sakurakouji is the main protagonist in the anime <em> Code: Breaker </em> Although her elegant physical appearance tends to be adorable, friendly, simple , and make all the men around him want to protect him, but in truth Sakura is a martial arts expert who is very skilled in various battles, his personality also makes people love it.care for others and esteem ancestor may be human life </p>
<p> Not many know that he was adopted by a highly respected Yakuza leader, Goutoku Sakuraouji, this man has the nickname "The cruel dragon of the east." Under the supervision of Goutoku, he was trained and forged with various martial arts that would be very useful for him. Some of the martial arts he controlled most of were Judo, Aikido, and Karate. </p>
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<p> His normal school life turned 180 degrees when he witnessed Rei Ogami mercilessly wiping out a herd of swords with his blue fire. </p>
<p> From that time on, he was determined to be the shield of Rei's life and directly into the world <em> Code: Breaker </em>a secret organization that recruited unique and unusual assassins. The organization is also secretly under the auspices of the government. He has a unique ability that can neutralize his opponent's special abilities so that people call him a "rare specimen." </p>
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