5 Fun Moments of This Gintama Not Lost with Other Anime


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<h4 style= Although almost the whole story Gintama is a flickering comedy, it does not mean the anime and manga series have no exciting moments, you know, for example is the following Gintama

Many people think that Gintama is an anime and manga that focuses its story on comedic elements, but they are wrong, as manga from another Shonen Jump, Gintama also has a storyline main, which is related to the spirit of men, and in this case are the Samurai.

Since Gintoki the main character is a Samurai, then he and other characters are also through many exciting thrilling fights. His opponent is not just another Samurai, even aliens from other galaxies he also faces! Check out the exciting moments Gintama following.


Kagura Yato Fashion

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<p style= This moment occurs in the storyline of Yoshiwara in Flames. Here, Gintoki and the other Yorozuya Ginchan members, Kaguran and Shinpachi helped a boy named Seita who wanted to meet his "mother" in Yoshiwara, a female prostitution led by Housen, a Yato.

From a simple mission, it turns the story continues to roll until finally Gintoki wants to free all the women who since they were born have been trapped in Yoshiwara, and never allowed to see the outside world.

Since Housen is a Yato and former commander of the 7th division of the Mustame, then Kamui, the older brother of Kagura comes to Yoshiwara for a specific purpose. Of course in his efforts, Gintoki also met with the older brother of Kagura who had become commander of the 7th division, replacing the Housen.

But, Gintoki is not against Kamui. Gintoki's opponent remains Housen. Kagura and Shinpachi fight Abuto here. Abuto is the deputy commander of the 7th division, and Kamui's right hand.

Of course, he is also a Yato, just like Housen, Kamui, and Kagura. Abuto is a trained Yato, so he easily beat Shinpachi and Kagura. When Kagura, and Shinpachi lose, Abuto almost kills Shinpachi, here is the soul of Yato's Kagura rose.

Not wanting his best friend to die, Kagura loses to Yato's instinct and brutally brutally goes to Abuto. He became a different Kagura. When Kagura almost kills Abuto, Shinpachi tries and awakens him, as this is not Kagura he's known forever.

This moment is very exciting, where we can see a Kagura who usually jokes cheerfully along with other Yorozuya members, instead arouses his wild instincts, and fights with the blood flowing in his body.

On the front page, there is also an exclamation moment Gintama which shows the duel of the main character, Sakata Gintoki. Check out the next page!

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