5 Facts Sanosuke Sagara It Must Be Known To The Fans!


Although long overdue, the manga Samurai X or Ruroni Kenshin can still be enjoyed until the moment this. Even to this day it must be admitted that the manga that tells about the life of Samurai named Kenshin Himura is very exciting to be discussed.

It seems to make Samurai X does not recognize the term stale or is irrelevant or interesting to mention anymore. Precisely from day to day, we will miss the manga that has accompanied our childhood.

In Samurai X much of it is interesting to discuss. In addition to the storyline, its extraordinarily iconic characters are certainly also very interesting to discuss.

Speaking of character, we as fans Samurai X must know very well Kenshin's friend, Sanosuke Sagara. This one character is famous for having an outrageously silly manner.

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Even so, Sano itself is a strong fighter and has a strong physical endurance. Especially since learning Futae no Kiwami of Anji Yukyuzan Sano greatness.

Rather than too long a talk, it's better to just go right to the fact Sanosuke Sagara is a must-know for fans!


Defeated Easily by Kenshin

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At the beginning of the story Samurai X Sanosuke is known as a mercenary. In addition, at the beginning of his appearance also Sanosuke looks like a swordsman.

During his encounter with Kenshin, Sano carries a very large-sized sword named Zanbato. But despite the power, Kenshin, who was facing him at the same time, did not look frightened at all.

Even Kenshin looks very cold against Sano. When the fight begins, All Sano attacks fail miserably. Speed ​​and toughness of Kenshin's success makes Sano battered.

Do not stop there until it turns out Sano who still thinks himself very strong not give up. In the end Kenshin successfully defeated him even to make Sano's Zanbato broken!

Since losing easily to Kenshin, Sano finally realized and went to the Kamiya Dojo with Kenshin.

For those who want to see Kenshin's fight against Sano can watch the following video.


Got Family

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Long before joining Kenshin and forging friendship with him, Sanosuke Sagara turns out to have a family. The family consists of Higashidani Kamishimoemon, Higashidani Naname, Higashidani Uki, Higashidani Ota, and Sano himself.

But since Naname's death, Sanosukse chose to leave the family and choose to be the Army. Told also that Sano actually has a mother (may be biological).

But the mother died from the birth of her sister. Sano himself did not know the death of his mother and the birth of his sister because it had already left home.

After the various events encountered in his life, Sano finally managed to get his family that is Kenshin and his friends in Dojo Kamiya.

Not only that, read other facts Sano on the second page!


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