5 Facts Kenshin Himura Must Know The Fans

Some of us of course never follow the cool anime titled Samurai X or Rurouni Kenshin . This anime tells the journey of Kenshin Himura to wander and eradicate the evils of the samurai age.

In the anime, Kenshin is known as a swordsman who devotes himself as a cold-blooded killer. Kenshin was hired to kill people, but in the end he decided to retire as a murderer.

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From there anime Samurai X begins, here is shown Kenshin who no longer wants to kill but he has no choice but to kill. During this anime run, there are some facts of Kenshin Himura that are very interesting to be reviewed.

Duniaku.net will discuss the facts of Kenshin Himura that deserve to be known.


The Fighting Style

Kenshin has a fighting style called Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, this fighting style he learned from Seijuro Hiko's teacher. This fighting style makes Kenshin able to move very quickly.

In the end, hard-to-read opponents must be content to be defeated by Kenshin. His expertise using this technique makes Kenshin's name famous among the samurai. In addition to Hiten Mitsurugi, Kenshin has two more moves namely Modoshigiri and Zantetsu.


Frustrated When Facing Soujiro Seta

In my opinion, Kenshin's most formidable opponent is not Makoto Shishio. Kenshin's most formidable opponent during wandering is Soujiro Seta, who has the nickname of Sikuchi.

Soujiro's speed at the same time made Kenshin confused and helpless, even the most severe injuries Kenshin received before facing Shishio were accepted when facing Soujiro.

Kenshin's frustration comes when he can not face Soujiro because his sword is broken, if not mistaken, the broken Kenshin's sword in the fight is Sakabato Kageuchi.


Already Have no Intention to Kill

Since his retirement as a murderer, Kenshin has the intention of no longer killing with his sword, therefore he replaces his samurai with samurai sakabatou (Samurai with reversed eyes).

Even so, Kenshin is still quite dangerous as a killer. The blade of the inverted eye is a sword whose sharp part is behind, so for the ordinary capable person, it would be very difficult to use the sword of this model.

The famous Kenshin gahar also looks gentle and ridiculous after his retirement as a murderer.


The Legendary Wounds

The X-shaped legendary wound on Kenshin's cheeks is actually obtained separately, this legendary wound that makes people recognize Kenshin.

If not mistaken, this wound he got when he was still a hit man. I have heard also that this legendary wound made Kenshin sick and died (although I do not fully believe in the statement, hahaha).


Original Name When Born

Kenshin is actually not the real name of the murderer, because Kenshin himself was born with the name Shinta by his parents. Then the old man was killed in one incident so as to make Kenshin have to suffer bad luck in his life.

Lucky himself to meet with a swordsman named Seijuro Hiko who later became his teacher, in the end Sijuro changed the name Shinta into Kenshin which means sword and heart.

According to Seijuro, Kenshin's name is more suitable because Kenshin himself was raised to be a swordsman.

Maybe that's some fact Kenshin Himura that must be known, I myself realize that Kenshin is a character who has many facts, maybe we will discuss other things next time.

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