5 Facts About The Quick Soujiro Seta


There will be no end if we talk about the anime Samurai X . In this anime a lot of unique things that need to be discussed, such as the facts of his character.

In this anime we can see a lot of really cool iconic characters, not just champs, but also enemies in Samurai X much deserves to be reviewed.

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One of them is Soujiro Seta. When Kenshin came face to face with this boy, I was so amazed, let alone Soujiro looking very soft but able to make Kenshin confused.

Until finally the sword of the hero was destroyed and Kenshin received quite severe injuries. I'm so iconic, I still idolize Soujiro until now. Duniaku.net this time will address the 5 facts of Soujiro.


Fastest Among Juppongatana

The first fact of Soujiro is that he is the fastest fighter among Juppongatana members. It was this speed that made him a Makoto Shishio warrior.

When the first time facing him, samurai classmate Kenshin to despair and confusion. Soujiro also has the nickname The Tenken.

Before moving fast and finish off his opponent, Soujiro usually kicks his one leg to the ground first and unexpectedly he immediately darted down the opponent. This speed is also what eventually makes the other Juppongatana crew respect him.


His Emotion is Unstable

Soujiro is the only very friendly fighter among Juppongatana fighters. When we see Usui or Anji, they have a grim look while Soujiro has a childlike face with his smile.

Soujiro seems to look emotionless and unbearable when fighting, despite being pushed out by Kenshin, Soujiro can still laugh and that's what became one of Soujiro's powers.

It is like this without emotion that makes Soujiro successfully kill his opponents, let alone in his heart, Soujiro is a brute warrior. But do you know that Soujiro's emotions are unstable.

When Kenshin is deadlocked, he gets the idea to tear up Soujiro's emotions, let alone the fighter has a history of the past is very dark. The idea of ​​Kenshin was finally sweet fruit.

Little by little, Soujiro shows his emotions so that his fighting mode is easy to read Kenshin and becomes harmless, the more emotionally, Soujiro gets worse in the fight.

Until finally when his emotions culminated, that's where Soujiro had to recognize Kenshin's superiority.


Got The Sore of the Black

All members of Juppongatana including Soujiro Seta certainly have a dark past, but among others, Soujiro's past might be the darkest.

Soujiro is a child born to a business father and a prostitute mother, when he was a child, Soujiro did not get affection, sometimes even beaten by his parents.

When beaten, Soujiro did not show his emotions, he instead spread a smile. The chaos of his childhood, eventually making himself one of the dreaded killers.

Even Soujiro is a fighter who applies Shishio's understanding that the weak will die while the strong will surely power.


Killing Five Adults When Still Small

Soujiro could become Shishio's accomplice because the two met when Soujiro was a child, at that time Shishio was caught swearing at a place belonging to Soujiro. From there the bonds of both come together like father and son.

While helping Shishio to get bandages and food, Soujiro is discovered by his family, when he was threatened by his family to hand over Shishio. Even the family did not hesitate to kill Soujiro if he did not want to hand over Shishio.

But just the opposite is true, Soujiro is the one who ultimately uses his speed to kill his then five-member family. Though not at all showing a feeling of regret, but Soujiro remained saddened by this incident.

Eventually he went with Shishio to become a murderer.


So Nomad Like Kenshin

When he was defeated by Kenshin, Soujiro confessed that he was wrong and his understanding was wrong. But it turns out Kenshin does not directly accuse Soujiro of being wrong while Kenshin is right.

Kenshin even told him to wander and seek his own truth, after losing to Kenshin himself to resolve his determination to leave Juppongatana.

Soujiro himself intends to seek the truth in the 10 years since Shishio died at the hands of Kenshin, Soujiro also adventures with the status of a fugitive.

But Cho says that despite Soujiro's fugitive status, he is convinced Soujiro will never be caught.

That is the sequence of facts from the quick Soujiro Seta.

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