5 Exciting Battle in One Piece Not Displayed! Make Curious!

Anime and manga One Piece is full of exciting and thrilling fight scenes. Starting from a fight between two people or a duel, until a large-scale battle aka war.

However, not all incidents or exciting fights in One Piece were shown to fans, in the anime, as well as his manga.

There are some fights in One Piece that are not shown, and we will discuss here. If only the battle was shown, it would probably spend some chapter in manga as well as need some episodes in the animenya, and certainly exciting abis!

Whose battle is it? Check out the list below!

Kuzan against Sakazuki, aka Aokiji VS Akainu is one of the exciting fights in One Piece which unfortunately is not shown.

In the battle that took place during these ten days, several important events were born which is quite surprising.


First, Aokiji loses, and Akainu rises as Fleet Admiral of the Navy, another impact, Aokiji out of the Navy. Some other startling events are, the legs of Aokiji lost, and he walks using artificial feet from ice.

In addition, Punk Hazard, the location of their battle also suffered a strange natural conditions, in which half of its parts became frozen and the other half burned.

Just imagine, what kind of battle these two Admirals are, which unfortunately we can never see in the form of manga or animenya.

What about the remaining four fights in One Piece that are not shown yet? Just check out the next page!

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